Re: Blackout At Michel Martelly Swearing-in Caused By Act Of Sabotage

Florence - May 19 2011, 3:16 AM

How stupid and ignorant can someby(ies) be?

It's about time that we try to do the right thing.

When are we going to realize that it's shouldn't be about an individual but all about our COUNTRY.

For God sake let's, for once, use our common sense and give the Country a chance.

Certain people should be tired by now of being an ASS. Quick, establish a system in Haiti for all these donkeys to be judged and pay for their stupidities.

The president should only be the president not the judge;in that sense we are still confused of who should have power to do what. We need to re-educate ourselves and be proud to be haitians.

The tasks will not be easy; and those who don't want Haiti to emerge victorious should just go hang themselves and go to hell. Good ridance!!!

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Blackout at Michel Martelly Swearing-in caused by act of Sabotage

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