Christmas Tradition in Haiti

In Haiti, Christmas traditions varies from cities to country sides. However, no matter where you are in in the country, you can easily observe happiness and joy.


For the Haitian people, Christmas or how it is called "Nwel" is a special season, whether you are an adult or a child. It is not so much about the money in Haiti because most of us do not have much to live on, even less to share by buying expensive gifts like it is done in the richer countries like the Canada, the Unites States and France, just to name a few.

Most people in Haiti still recognize Christmas season as a religious Holiday in that Christmas is viewed as the birth of Christ. They attribute the season as an opportunity to repent and a chances for a new beginning. As the new savior was born with a new year just around the corner, they are hopeful that things will get better for them and their family.

Do not confuse Papa Nwel (Santa Claus) with Papa Fwedad. The same way there is a difference between the good and the bad, there is also a difference for most Haitians between Santa Claus which is called Papa Nwel in Haiti and Papa Fweda sometime called Pere Foueda.

It is widely known in Haitian Voodoo that Papa Fueda and Saint Nicholas do not see eye to eye. Usually, a Haitian child will receive the visit of either Papa Nwel or Papa Fweda on Christmas, depending on whether he as good or not. It is also known that sometimes, Papa Fweda would inflict sever punishments on Christmas to the children who have not been able to behave all year.

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India says...


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Patricia says...

I know some folks from Haiti so what would be a perfect gift for X-mas?

Perhaps a good fruit

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Trevor says...

thank you sir for this wondurful

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Karol says...

Maybe you can help me. i live in the United States (New York)My neighbor is Haitian and just had a child.

I noticed that they have what i would call a wind chime looks like little babies hanging at the enterance of their door. I wanted to congradulate them on their new addition but i was afraid i would offen them. what would be the proper way to wish them they

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