Claude "Tico" Pasquet to be honored by County Commissioner Jean Monestime

Claude "Tico" Pasquet was a drummer and percussionist in Konpa music. He was born in Haitian family of music, where people like Dodof, Archibald, Alexandre, Jean and Andre came from. He developed drumming skills from his uncles Alexandre and Richard. He compared a drum to life in music because the drum made music sweet. He played in a group known as La Belle Etoile for two years and in 1967 his family migrated to New York.


His passion for music would not allow him to stay without singing so he joined another group known as Les Freres Sicot. This group made him to grow very fast in music and with time he started focusing on techniques of international drummers like Steve Gadd. In 1969 Claude "Tico" Pasquet joined a group of his own generation known as Babby Jazz and later Les Difficiles de New York. He was a skilled drummer whom everyone admired. He went back to Haiti in 1972 to play with Robert Martino in Les Gypsies but his unique drumming nature was noticed by all the fans.

In 1975 his brother Andre "Dadou" Pasquet left Tabou Combo and Claude "Tico" Pasquet came back to the U.S .They founded Magnum Band which still exists up to date. They played and enjoyed their roles passionately. The band has performed in many parts of the world, representing Haiti quite well. The band has collaborated with various artists like Varnek Pierre, Ersnt Gabriel, Jean Robert Narcisse and Jean Almatas. The band has other members like Laurent Ciceron on bass, Lucien Benjamin on the rhythm guitar, Camille Armand on tambour, David Lacombe on keyboard, Andre Dejean on trumpet and many others.

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Subject: Claude "Tico" Pasquet to be honored by County Commissioner Jean Monestime edit

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