Commission recommends Presidential Election to be redone

The Commission of Evaluation gave his report today to President Privewrt and the CEP. It is incredible the kid of findings his team found during the evaluation. Here is some key points of his finding, with his own quotes:


"Distribution of mandates done in a way I would say frantic, opening the way to a kind of trade of access mandate, sold and traded"

"There are certain liberties that were taken with the law with the electoral process which create a range of non-retractable zombie votes to the point that the number of non-retractable votes almost exceeded the legitimate votes"

"Loss of confidence of the population in the electoral process itself. By casting its vote we do not know where it goes, if it will be given or will be flooded with zombie votes"

"we concluded that the edifice itself and the process especially with respect to the presidential election was marred by fraud"

"We made the recommendation to the government, through the Government to the CEP that it would be just and equitable that at least at the presidential election the process strats from zero"

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Subject: Commission recommends Presidential Election to be redone edit

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