CREFIMA Universite, Haiti

Can one become licensed in their chosen career field in as little as three months?


CREFIMA Université promises this is indeed possible. The private university in Port-au-Prince, which was founded in 2004, boasts courses that take three years for complete certification in the fields of Finance, Accounts, Management, and Project Management. Adding to this impressive roster, they also give courses in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Marketing.

To become enrolled at CREFIMA Université and benefit from their accelerated learning courses, designed to get professional, competent people out into the work force at a quicker pace, but without sacrificing education, one must meet the requirements of, for the first year, a degree in Bacc2, for the second and third year, a degree in Bacc2 plus a first or second year university course.

An exciting part of their teaching strategy is the addition of their online courses under the concept of Distance Education. Utilizing the new IFAD platform, which is used generally for conferencing business meetings, the platform is an improvement on the old one which restricted students to simply downloading their class files online. The new capabilities include a Basic and a Premium option.

The Basic allows for online chats, quizzes, PowerPoint media, a forum, etc. and the premium offers all this plus live interaction for which all a student needs is a web cam and a headset. Available on all computer platforms with a working internet browser, IFAD brings a whole new level of learning to the school that obliterates restraints caused by space and time.

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