Dekrè Elektoral sa bay anpil Tet Chaje

Dènyèman, nan yon jès senbolik, Premye Minis Evans Paul Delivre nouvo Dekrè Lwa nan manm CEP pou demontre ke tout faktè sa yo te nan plas yo ppou eleksyon kap fet


Sepandan, anpil moun pa kontan.

Nan Thomassique, moun yo pa kontan paske yo gin tandans pèdi yon chèz nan Palman paske Thomassique aak Cerca-la-Source ap reprezante pa sèlman yon sèl depite

Ansyen kandida pwezidansyèl Charles Henri Baker "Charlito" pa kontan non plis ak nouvo Dekrè Lwa sa. Kantite moun ki ke yo pral pèmèt nan kat la pou vote jou eleksyon an. Li vle pati politik yo gen aksè a tab yo Depouyman epi verifye rezilta yo anvan yo te fè li piblik. Dekrè a Elektoral pa gen yon dispozisyon pou elimine vòt yo nan kote fwod te detekte.


Current Electoral Decree leaves room for Fraud

Recently, in a symbolic gesture, Prime Minister Evans Paul Hand Delivered the new Electoral Decree Law to the CEP Members to demonstrated that all the factors were in place to conduct the next election in Haiti. However, we soon find out that as the government is attempting to solve one problem, many more arise as a result.

The new Electoral Decree has not been welcome by everyone. A protest has been reported in the city of Thomassique as they tend to lose a seat in the Haitian Parliament. According to the Electoral Decree, Thomassique and Cerca-la-Source will be represented by only one deputy.

Former Presidential candidate Charles Henri Baker "Charlito" did not want to stay quiet either. He noted that the new Electoral Decree leaves room for Fraud and confusion.

The leader of the political party Respe for one thinks that the number of people that will be allowed in the voting card on election day is too long. Second, he wants the political parties to have access to the Tabulation tables and verify the results before they are made public. The Electoral Decree does not have a provision for a fair count of the votes in case where fraud has been detected. Charlito wants the result of the entire election for a particular area to be eliminated if a certain percentage of fraud is detected. In addition he suggested the verification of residency that was not properly addressed by the new Decree

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Li le li tan pou n ka gen bon eleksyon nan peyi

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