Breaking news - Oriel Jean, Jean Bertrand Aristide and Jean Dominique's Assassination

In an interview conducted by Guyler C. Delva with Oriol Jean on January 16, 2014 in Miami, the former security officer for former President Jean Bertrand Aristide, made some shocking revelations. He placed former President Jean Bertrand Aristide in the middle of the assassination.


Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide orchestrated the assassination of Jean Dominique. According to Oriel Jean, Jean Dominique is a cancer; his death is a deliverance for Haiti.

Reason for killing Jean Dominique based on the interview with Oriel Jean:
Jean Dominique was very critical of the Lavalas Government. If we do not make him close his mouth, he will make us close ours, according to Aristide.

Jean Bertrand Aristide was afraid that if Jean Dominique was not stopped, he (Aristide) would not return as president of Haiti in 2001 after he learned that Jean Dominique's was going to run for president.

Mirlande Liberus was the mastermind, the key person for the assassination. Mirlande Liberus went to visit Oriel Jean and requested that Oriol provide logistic(arm and car)

Jean Bertrand Aristide visited Jean Dominique at the radio station to demonstrate that he was his friend as he was planning the assassination.

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Arlene says...

My Lord, why is it so easy to take a life when we did not give life. Jezi the people of Haiti needs you in their hearts.

Heal corrupted hearts & minds

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Subject: Breaking news - Oriel Jean, Jean Bertrand Aristide and Jean Dominique's Assassination edit

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