Diseases usually caused by Flooding

The Haiti government is now worried about the health effects of the recent flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. Officials earlier aired concerns over possible outbreaks of cholera and other diseases. This is the reason why officials and charity organizations are focusing on the health of people affected by the floods, which killed dozens of people and damaged crops late last month.


Flood in Haiti

Flooding can trigger an outbreak of communicable diseases. It increases the risk of transmitting the diseases from one person to another until an outbreak occurs. Unsanitary condition, which is often the result of flooding, also contributes to this risk.

In order to deal with such health concerns, people, especially officials, should be prepared with immediate treatment and preventive measures. It is important to identify and understand the kind of communicable disease that hits many people. There are different communicable diseases. One is called water-born disease, which includes cholera, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, and leptospirosis. Aside form these, other ailments can be regarded as vector-borne diseases. These are malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever.

When it comes to water-borne diseases, it is essential to find out whether the supply of drinking water is contaminated. If it is and people continued drinking it, then a disease outbreak is highly likely. Given this, drinking water facilities must be protected at all times, particularly during flooding.

The distribution of clean water should also be done. Vector-born diseases, on the other hand, can spread when standing water becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This is why it is important to sanitize the areas affected by floods as soon as possible.

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