Does Laurent Lamothe have Chilean Nationality?

Mezanmi, Ayisyen se yon ti pep ki pale anpil oui. Depi lotrejou, anpil Ayisyen ap kouri bri di Premye minis Ayisyen-an, Laurent Lamothe, pa Ayisyen; min plito se yon Chilyen


One thing I know about my people is that we Haitian talk about everything and anything. Sometime, we even talk about things that do not exist.

The last commotion has to do with the nationality of the Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. Now there is a rumor letting people know that he does not have Haitian nationality. Some people are suggesting that he is of Chilean nationality instead

Mezanmi, ki sa pou mwen kwè ladan li?

Ala kote ti pep pale!

Mwen sonje ke tou denyeman presidan michel Martelly te yon Amerikin, pafwa, li Italyen, dapre sa moun yo te di

Who is actually Haitian? Recently, the rumor was on president MIchel Martelly. At one point, he was American, Italian, you name it.

Mezanmi, edem!

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Lylian Madsen says...

Let us all leave Laurent Lamothe do his

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Subject: Does Laurent Lamothe have Chilean Nationality? edit

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