The education system in Haiti faces shortages in educational supplies and qualified teachers, and the rural population remains underrepresented in the country%u2019s classrooms.There are many challenges. Currently, most Haitian schools are private rather than state-funded

Haitian writer Kettly Mars received Prix Ivoire of African Literature 2015

Last Saturday in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), a jury awarded the Prix Ivoire for African Francophone literature to the Haitian writer Kettly Mars for her novel "Je suis vivant". Kettly Mars wrote a number of volumes of poems and short stories such as Kasalé, Vents d'Ailleurs in 2003, L'heure hybride, Vents d'Ailleurs in 2005, Fado, Mercure de France in 2008, Saisons sauvages, Mercure de France in 2010, Le prince noir de Lillian Russell, with Leslie Péan, Mercure de France in 2011 and Aux Frontières de la soif, Mercure de France in 2013.

Kettly Mars Feminist Author. Haitian poet/author, Kettly Mars, began life in Port-au-Prince. In college she majored in language. She did not start her career as a writer until thirty five, producing both poetry and short novels.

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Kettly Mars, Haitian poet and novelist

Kettly Mars (September 3, 1958, Port-au-Prince) is a bold Haitian poet and novelist, writes in French. Her books have been translated in English, Dutch, Italian, Danish and Japanese languages. She studied classical language and spent first twenty-five years of her career in office administrative jobs. Her evocative style of writing offers fresh insights on contemporary realities and a clear exposure of Haitian society. Although the themes of her works are set on Haiti but they have a universal approach with their diversified classes, cultures, genders, human race, spirituality, power and violence. Her first published writings were erotically charged poems from which she moved far in her later works. However, the clarity and honesty with which she approaches the sensitive and erotic side of human body and mind has remained unchanged in her later matured works. She proceeded to write with a new style since 1996 and got her first reward by winning the Jacques-Stephen Alexis contest. Her important works are: Un parfum d'encens (1999), Kasale (first novel, 2003), L'heure hybride (2005), Fado (2008), Saisons sauvages (2010), Le prince noir de Lillian Russell, with Leslie Péan (2011), Aux Frontières de la soif (2013). On November 21, 2015, she has been honored with the "Prix Ivoire Award" by the jury for African Francophone Literature in French for her novel "Je suis vivant (I am alive)" published in April 2015.

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Rodney Saint-Eloi welcomed at Academie des lettres du Quebec

On Monday, November 9, 2015, Académie des lettres du Québec, an organization with the objective to serve and defend the language and French-speaking culture in Quebec, welcomed Haitian-Canadian, Poet and essayist, Rodney Saint Elois as new member.

Rodney Saint-Éloi was born in Cavaillon, Haiti. He studied French literature at the Université Laval and has been the director of the cultural page of newspaper Le Nouvelliste.

More about Rodney St Elois

Canadian-Haitian Rodney Saint-Eloi, has been inducted into the Academie des Lettres du Quebec (ALQ). A prolific author, poet, and essayist he began life in Cavaillon, Haiti (1963).

Recipient of many awards and honors, he has undertaken the translation of books written in French to make literature available to foreign-speaking nations.

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A National Pact for Quality Education in Haiti

National Pact for Quality Education Online. Nesmy Manigat, National Education and Vocational Training Minister, collected 2,000 signatures to organize support for National Pact for Quality Education.

Commitments from media, human rights groups, teachers unions, and other members of civic society bring to fruition the work of many to begin overhauling the education system.

Manigat directed ". . . all stakeholders and citizens they can now (go) online . . . " to view ". . . the 7 main commitments of the Pact . . ."

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Renovated building of Lycee Toussaint Louverture

Here are some pictures of the newly renovated high school Toussaint Louverture, also known as Lycée Toussaint Louverture. The new building is equipped with two newly renovated bathrooms, a large computer room, conference, a secretariat, a reception room, an infirmary classrooms. The school now is able to educate three hundred (300) students in basic education and two thousand eight hundred (2800) in secondary education. Classes are available day and night

Renovated Lycée Toussaint Louverture

This inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of high government officials, including President of the Republic, Joseph Michel Martelly who took the opportunity to stress the need to raise the quality of education in Haiti. Also present were the Prime Minister, Paul Evans; the Minister of Planning, Yves Germain Joseph, the Minister of Education Nesmy Manigat and others.

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Lycee Alexandre Petion, now a modern institution in Haiti

On Tuesday, October 8, 2015 the Lycée Alexandre Pétion become functional once again. This old Haitian Institution that was built in 1818 by Alexandre petion was almost destroyed during the 2010 earthquake. This Thursday however marked a new chapter as a new and modern building was inaugurated. Please see the picture gallery below.

Many important Haitian personalities and authorities were present at the ceremony of inauguration in Bel-Air. Among those who went on stage to talk about the contribution of Lycée Alexandre Pétion to the Haitian society, were: President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Evans paul, Director Nicolas Mathurin, Education Minister Nesmy Manigat, former President Boniface Alexandre, Ady Jean Gardy and Mr. Yves Germain.

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Arraignment hearing for Principal Jean Coty Ridore set for Nov. 4

Former Principal of North Miami Senior High adult education program, Jean Coty Ridore, has some hard thinking to do as he was arrested Monday and charged with unlawful compensation, grand theft and official misconduct. The Haitian-American former principal is accused for accepting $1,000 to put a fake employee on the payroll of the School system. That particular fake employee turned out to be an undercover Miami police detective.

The State attorney's office in charge of the investigation believes that Ridore was not acting alone but rather was part of a network that was involved in a well organized process to record the paperwork input false information in the school system.

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Haitian Officials Graduated At ENAP of Quebec

On Tuesday, October 6th, a graduation ceremony of the National School of Public Administration (ENAP) of Quebec took place at the Hotel Karibe Convention Center. During the ceremony, twenty Haitian executives from ministries and decentralized agencies of the State after completing thirty months course, have received their parchment from André Bourret, the vice Rector for Academic Affairs of ENAP and of Head of the Government. The ceremony, chaired by Prime Minister Evans Paul, was attended by cabinet ministers and many other important dignitaries. The Prime Minister, during his speech for the occasion, had emphasized the fruitful partnership between Quebec, Canada and Haiti on the "Support Program to Strengthen Public Management in Haiti" (PARGEP). This new promotion has brought the total number of ENAP Master Holder Haitian officials in Public Administration (trained in Haiti) to 38.

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Graduating at Faculty of Law and Economics of Gonaives

On Friday, September 25, 2015, Pierre-Richard Casimir, the Minister of Justice, presided over the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Law and Economics of Gonaïves "Hugues Saint-Pierre" (2011-2015).

The graduating course was sponsored by Minister Casimir's department and the convocation of the graduating ceremony was held in the city of Haitian independence, Gonaïves. The ceremony was attended by the dean of the Tribunal of First Instance of Gonaïves, the Government Commissioner of the city and other notable personalities. In his speech for the occasion, the minister has advised the new graduates to keep their minds open for continuous learning and development and put their learned lessons into application for the welfare of the state.

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Government Crackdown on Embezzlement of PSUGO Funds

On Wednesday, July 15, at the National Palace, the President Michel Martelly met the Minister of National Education, Mr. Nesmy Manigat , the Minister of Justice, Mr. Pierre Richard Casimir, the Director General of the Unit for the Fight against Corruption (ULCC), Mr. Rodiny Jean-Baptiste and the Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) Mr. Godson Orélus to take the stock of serious irregularities about the frauds and embezzlements noticed on the beneficiary fund of Universal Schooling Program Free and Compulsory (PSUGO).

An earlier investigation has suggested a much higher number of beneficiaries enrolled than the actual number of students. For example, a school in Gros Morne has 132 registered students as per PSUGO records while the actual number of such students was only 31. Similarly, a school in Carrefour with recorded 218 students, has only 45 students. Thus, thousands of US$ have been diverted by showing large numbers of fictitious students. The PSUGO pays a subsidy amount of US$ 90 per student. There are hundreds of schools located in the lower and upper Artibonite, who receive two different sources of funding for school children, from the Universal Schooling Program, Free and Compulsory (PSUGO) and the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP).

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