Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world, especially in casinos. Aside from putting the chances of winning or losing to the cards at hand, there are several rules to follow and numerous strategies that a blackjack player could benefit from in order to win.


For a blackjack player knowing the rules and applying them well will ensure him or her of a win. One is the rules of doubles which are permitted on and hand of two cards except that of a blackjack and are permitted after the splitting of a game. When it comes to forfeiting or surrendering in a blackjack game, it is best to do it early before the dealer starts checking for blackjacks and when the wager is not yet high. Also on aces of a game, the resplitting of aces will be very useful, as well as drawing another card against a split ace. The phenomenon of a "Charlie" is also beneficial. This is when five or more cards have been drawn but with a value less than 21 and is considered an automatic win.

Despite the rules of blackjack being highly beneficial, they also have their disadvantages to the player. These are the 3:2 ratios of pay-outs, the splitting of one to two hands, the restriction of a double down like 9,11 and 10,11, and the restriction of resplitting an ace. The circumstance of a No-Peek also proves to be detrimental where players could lose splits and doubles to the dealer.

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