Financial transaction ordered by Wilson Laleau raised red flag

Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime is crying out for vigilance following some huge financial transactions ordered by government officials who were only supposed to be liquidating current affairs. According to the Senator, he has in his possession several financial transactions made by the Minister of Finance, Wilson Laleau, that raise lots of questions. Here are some of the transactions:


On February 18, ONA Director requested to transfer 500 million of gourdes from BRH to account number: 1021011301898 in Unibank.

Also on February 18, ONA ordered the transfer of One Billion of gourdes from BRH to account number 131669799 belonging to ONA

On February 17, Wilson Lalau wrote to the President of BRH to request a transfer of $20 million US to to be deposited in an account belonging to US company under the name of HLS International LTD. This company is supposedly responsible to provide security at the Haiti/Dominican border. However according to Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime, his sources would suggest something different; that this particular company is involved in mining and belongs to a close friend of former President Michel Martelly and some Israeli nationals.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Tranzaksyon Finansyete odone pa Wilson Lalau by tet cho

Senatè Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime ap kriye pou vijilans pou kèk gwo tranzaksyon finansye ke Ministè Finans la te bay lòd pou te fè. Pa Bliye ke ofisyèl gouvènman sa yo sèlman sipoze liquide zafè aktyèl Couran. Dapre Senatè a, li gen nan posesyon li plizyè tranzaksyon finansye ki fèt pa Wilson Lalau ki ogmante anpil kesyon. Men kèk nan tranzaksyon yo:

Nan jou 18 fevriye, ONA Direktè mande transfere 500 milyon goud soti nan BRH nan kont nimewo: 1021011301898 pou ale nan Unibank.

Epitou minm 18 fevriye sa, ONA te bay lòd pou transfè yon milya goud soti nan BRH nan kont nimewo 131669799 pou ale nan ONA

17 fevriye, Wilson Lalau te ekri Prezidan BRH la pou mande pou li fè transfè $20 milyon dola US pou depoze nan yon kont ki pou yon konpayi anba non HLS Entènasyonal LTD. Konpayi sa swadizan responsab pou bay sekirite nan fwontyè a Ayiti / Dominikèn. Sepandan dapre Senatè Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime, sous li ta sijere yon bagay diferan; ke konpayi sa an patikilye patisipe nan min e li pou yon zanmi pwòch ansyen Prezidan Michel Martelly ak kèk sitwayen Izraelyen.

Kisa ou panse?

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Cesar Jean Jacques says...

Wilson Laleau needs to be held accountable for the amount of money laundering that he has been signed to his friends and sweet Micky.

He needs to go to jail and left him rotten until he gave the explanations where all the money have been

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Subject: Financial transaction ordered by Wilson Laleau raised red flag edit

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