Goat, a form of Bank account for Haitian Peasant

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that certain farm animals moonlight as bank accounts for many a Haitian family. Traditionally, the Haitian pig was the account of choice, but nowadays, after the massive failure of multiple governments where that asset is concerned, the people of Haiti who rely on these animals for more than just sustenance, have turned to the new 'Haitian's Best Friend' as more than just a good source of protein.


Appreciating the value of the goat to a peasant's ability to live on more than just a hand-to-mouth income, the Lambi Fund had undertaken a project through which goats were donated to needy families through the Asosyasyon pou Pwoteksyon Anviwonnman Gwomòn (APEG). Through the efforts of the Lambi Fund group, 132 goats were given to the APEG along with other necessary supplies. They also provided training to the 160 members of the APEG, who then transferred their knowledge to the receivers as the beginning of a chain set to create the sustainability of the undertaking.

The project should have a favorable, long-term effect on the extra income for the families who receive goats, who will be able to eat better, and more regularly. It will also be a means of providing a better education for children and will provide these families with the kind of self-sufficiency that boosts morale, ambition and dignity.

The country knows that an animal for a bank account works. What remains to be seen is whether the project with goats can become as successful as that with pigs had been. Still, there is one aspect in which it is already ahead, unlike the Haitian pig, the Haitian goat has practically no American competition.

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