Haiti Secret Service Chief, Marc-Arthur Phebe, Linked To Brandt Kidnapping Case

Another big and prominent name has been dragged into an ongoing kidnapping case involving business tycoon Clifford Brandt. According to reports, Brandt, one of the main suspects in the crime, claimed that Marc-Arthur Phebe was the mastermind behind the kidnappings. Phebe is a National Police officer, as well as the head of the National Palace's CAT Team. He is also Brandt's family security chief.


In order to defend himself, Phebe sought the services of lawyer Carlos Hercule, who is the president of the Federation of Bar Associations. This move is seen to favor Phebe as Hercule is considered one of the most powerful lawyers in the country.

During a radio interview, Hercule tried to defend his client by making corrections in a report filed by the National Network for Defense of Human Rights, which looked into the Brandt kidnapping investigation. According to the report, Phebe has been on the Brandt family's payroll, earning a monthly salary of HTG 220,000. However, Hercule clarified that the said amount is not paid directly to Phebe but to his security company called Societe Generale Securite. The company has about 90 employees in Port-au-Prince. When asked whether Brandt accused Phebe of masterminding his alleged gang's kidnapping operations, Hercule reportedly refused to give a definite answer.

This development in the investigation came after the reported arrest of Brandt, who was linked to the abduction of two children of Robert Moscoso, a business rival of the Brandt family. Reports said Brandt was nabbed in his Mazda dealership office. The police also searched his properties, where they confiscated a number of rifles, handguns, and RPG launchers.

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Subject: Haiti Secret Service Chief, Marc-Arthur Phebe, Linked To Brandt Kidnapping Case edit

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