Bolosse, Port Au Prince Haiti

Residents of the Port-au-Prince town of Bolosse have a perpetual problem where water is concerned. The Ouest region town presents a struggle for most to live in as there is no even distribution of water, especially amongst the poor of the town. When there is water, it is early in the day and many trek to the local public fountain in order to fill their containers before the well runs dry by 11am.


One area in which the residents are better saturated is that of Christianity. Despite the graffiti on the walls and the seemingly rough look of the place, Bolosse is home to hugely patronized churches, including the two-storied Church of Christ at Bolosse, where the popular minister, Erique Bathard presides. The church recently celebrated a rededication, following the disastrous earthquake that ravaged most of Port-au-Prince.

The town has, as well, its own school for theology known as Séminaire de Théologie Évangelique de Port-Au-Prince (STEP). The school partnered with Churches Helping Churches months after the earthquake struck to plan with various members of Architecture for Humanity, a representative from Hands On and one from the school itself, a set of guidelines for a plan to restore the school.

The main building had been destroyed and only the chapel, library and cafeteria were left standing. Recommendations were for the building of new administrative offices and a space for four classrooms as well as for improvements on the retaining wall, the designing of parking spaces and an upgrade of the cafeteria to see it facilitate faculty, staff and 200 students.

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