Morne Hercule, Haiti

After the January 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, many towns, cities and communities suffered from not just major losses of life and livelihoods, but also places for their inhabitants to live. One such place, greatly devastated, was Morne Hercule.


Located in Haiti's Ouest region, near the towns of Petionville, Peguy Ville and Musseau, Morne Hercule benefited from earthquake relief in the form of rebuilding efforts, from the UN Agency 16/6 Housing Reconstruction Pilot Project. The project aimed to provide 5,000 establishments for those displaced in the event, almost all of whom had taken to living within the 6 tent camps erected for shelter in the area.

Today, the site at Morne Hercule boasts just fewer than 20 new homes complete with the basic amenities and even a public space. The site is to be used as the prototype for similar projects in the areas of Delmas, Port-au-Prince and Petionville.

Involved in the process was Mark Sinclair, instrumental in the selection of the structure and layout of the pilot. There was also Abe Lynn, who provided schematics for the retaining walls, a feature that was in great need for the site sits on a considerable incline. Taking this geographical feature into consideration, those in charge of the design built the houses to be entered on the first floor at the front, and on the second floor at the rear. Hence, they are typically two-storied and have either an L-shape or are rectangular. They were also built to facilitate income property ownership as the second levels may be blocked off and rented to another family, maximizing the places for domesticity in the area.

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