Haitian-Americans Wrestling To Support Their Own Mormon Republican Mia Love

Mia Love, was born in Brooklyn to parents who came from Haiti in the mid-1970s. She has defeated Democrat candidate Doug Owens in the recent contest after a hard-fought competition in Utah's 4th Congressional District. She pulled away 50% of the votes, leaving 46% for Owens. Mia Love is not only the first Haitian-American elected to Congress, she is also the first black woman running as a Republican to be elected to Congress and the first Mormon woman in Congress. Mia Love is a Mormon Republican from Utah, she will be the Republican's first black female member of Congress when she visits Washington in the new year. However, despite her historic achievement, the Haitians are in dubious mind to support Mia Love on the ground of her contentious political views and religion. 'Mormonism' has a historic uneasy relationship with traditional Christianity as it differs on their status of God and their beliefs with the traditional branches of Christianity like Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, and most branches of Protestantism.


Mia Love and her siblings were raised as Catholics, but her sister Cyndi, against the will of her family, decided to convert to the Mormon faith after her college days. When her parents called her childhood caretaker Father Dorelien to explain this second baptism, he simply commented "'Mormons are good people." His statements, in some way eased the concerns of Cindy's family , and soon missionaries were welcomed to visit their homes and shortly after graduating from college, Love ultimately followed her sister's footsteps. About 80% of the Haitian population are Roman Catholic. The mixed feelings among the Haitian community is very much evident even after her historic win. Many consider this 'shift' as an act of Satan. However, the Haitian Roundtable, an organization, founded in New York in 2008, comprised of Haitian-American professionals committed to inform, advocate and promote Haiti as a positive brand, has released a letter of congratulations in connection with her remarkable achievements and notified her that she had been selected to be honored as a Haitian-American Changemaker at their 1804 List event in 2015.

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