Government to provide public transportation during the 2 days of strike

The Martelly-Paul Government has decided to provide free transportation to the public during the two days of strike to reduce the socio-economic impact of the strike. School buses "DIGNITE" will be available to transport anyone at no cost to decrease the effect of the general strike announced


There will be Police agents from various units in those DIGNITE buses to assure security of the population. They will also be deployed at various strategic locations throughout the Haitian capital and some cities.

All these announced measures from the government do not guarentee your safety. there will likely be an increase of barricades, tire burning and rock throwing by individuals supporting the Gasoline strike.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Gouvènman Ayisyen promet pou li bay transpò piblik pandan jou grèv yo. Otobis " Dignite " yo ap disponib pou. An plis, Gouvenman-an pral fè ajan Polis by sekirite nan otobis Dignite. Police apwale deplwaye nan divès kote nan tout kapital ayisyen an ak kèk vil Provins.

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Subject: Government to provide public transportation during the 2 days of strike edit

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