Haitian born heavyweight boxer Bermane Stiverne suing Don King

The name Don King is almost synonymous with the sport of boxing, but one of the prolific trainer's pupils, Bermane Stiverne, has filed suit against the manager on the claim that King forced him to sign a contract with his Don King Productions, an act which breached the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act.


The boxer, Bermane Stiverne, who was born in Haiti, states that on the 26th of April, 2011, he met with the defendants, including Don King, his production company, King's stepson, Carl King, an associate of King's, Dana Jamison and Elite Sports and Entertainment Management, to sign a fight agreement with a King Productions fighter, Ray Austin.

Stiverne testified to Federal Court that he was told at this meeting he could not participate in the fight without signing a promotional agreement with Don King Productions, a deal that included exclusivity. Stiverne further states that, before he could be presented with the aforementioned contract, he was asked to sign three separate agreements dealing with management and promotional services with respect to the other defendants.

Bermane Stiverne says he felt compelled to sign because the fight was a required one for the WBC Silver Belt, which he had to participate in to advance to a fight with Vitali Klitschko, the WBC World Heavyweight Champion. If Stiverne's claims are true, the defendant's acted in violation of not only the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, but also the 1996 Professional Boxing Safety Act.

The outcome of the suit that Bermane Stiverne has brought against the defendant's, if settled in his favor, will see the official cancelling of the contract he signed under duress as well as damages resulting from the coercion.

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