Haitian Creole Translation for Early Childhood Development

Learning to speak in the mother tongue is very important for a child's overall development. All children, no matter which language their parents speak, learn a language in the same way. When babies are born, they can make and hear all the sounds in their surroundings. When you talk to your child, you support her language development. A child's brain develops during the first three years of a child's life. Research indicates that learning through mother tongue leads to a much better understanding of the curriculum as well as a more positive attitude towards school. Research has clearly shown that mother tongue has a very important role in children's overall development. The stronger the children's mother tongue, the easier it is for them to discover new areas. UNESCO has encouraged mother tongue instruction in primary education since 1953. Mother tongue is crucial in framing the thinking and emotions of people. Language is clearly the key to communication and understanding in the classroom.


we are a well-known translation company that works with some non-profit organizations. Recently, we expanded our translation request. Florida (424,101), New York (190,718), Massachusetts (73,201) have the largest Haitian community in the United States.

Our main goal is to provide high-quality care to the children of disadvantaged families in a language they understand better so that they can overcome their socio-economic challenges and get a platform for equal start. Many of the Haitians immigrants are not fluent in English. We translate educational packets and brochures in their own individual languages. Mother tongue education is about creating a level playing field; it is about creating equal opportunities for all, regardless of economic status, ethnic background or geographic location. It is a powerful tool in advancing the learning in people.

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