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We launched our Haitian Creole Translation Service in he year 2000. We translates every type of documents, including quality, research-based educational resources, marketing materials, medical publications, and legal contracts. We have a professional team of Haitian translators who translate materials in Haitian Creole so that the translated materials from the linguistic perspective, are appropriate for a variety of corporate, institutional, and academic settings located in the United States and Canada. We also strive to provide translations that are consistent and appropriate all across Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica, and Haiti both from the perspectives of selectively chosen vocabulary and language structure. The lyrics are not translated in a word-for-word manner--sense of the text is always preserved. Materials are translated by retaining key Creole terminologies as much as possible to support language development.


Haitian-Creole is one of Haiti's two official languages, along with French. It is a Creole language based primarily on French and a combination of West African languages, as well as some influences from Portuguese and Spanish.

Most often, people looking for Haitian translation are confused over Haitian Creole and Haitian French. Haitian Creole Translation recommends that they translate into French Creole. The two Haitian languages --French Creole and Haitian French -- use standard Latin alphabet. If somebody wants to become an interpreter, he/she needs to be fully proficient both in English and Haitian Creole and need to be sensitive to the subtle nuances of meaning in either Creole or English language. A clear power to express own thought in both Creole and English language is a must. Knowledge of Spanish is an advantage. Good communication skill always plays an important role in this profession. Creole legal interpreter never alters, add or subtract from what is communicated by the judge, legal counsel, plaintiff, deponent.

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