Haitian Government's Agreement with Opposition Effort to Quell Uprisings

At the eleventh hour Haitian President Martelly sealed a deal with the opposition to hold electoral elections later in 2015. Extremist party Fanmi Lavalas was not present during the signing of the agreement. The agreement happened just hours before members of Parliament's terms were set to expire on January 12th.


Al Jazeera reporter, Gabriel Elizondo, was skeptical about the agreement, offering his opinion it "was a deal perhaps in name only". He added he thought Martelly had used the rest of his political capital in brokering a deal with some elements of the opposition, to calm the waters of recent nation-wide protests.

The dog fight between Martelly and protestors revolves around two issues: Martelly permitting senate and deputy terms to expire so he could rule by decree, and Martelly's counter-charge the opposition has refused to sign an electoral law to let elections be held.

The agreement stipulates elections will be organized and held before the end of the year. Two-thirds of the senate and deputies will be up for re-election. Martelly will also be running for a second term in office.

To gain the public's confidence, a new electoral council composed of nine members will be formed. Members will be selected from delegates of Catholic and Protestant churches. Also to be represented is the Voodoo church, farmers' groups, businessmen and -women, unions, media, and educators.

Despite all the recent changes in the Martelly government protestors are still planning new demonstrations against him.

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