Lamothe Challenges UN on its Role in the Cholera Epidemic in Haiti

In a bold move, Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe took the UN to task regarding its culpability in the outbreak of cholera in Haiti, following the 2010 earthquake. He cited the statistics of nearly 9,000 Haitians, who lost their lives to cholera, with another 600,000 or more critically ill.


He made his appearance before the UN General Assembly to specifically confront the issue and ask the UN to step up its efforts to help Haiti stamp out "the world's worst cholera outbreak". To his credit, Lamothe made a proposal to create a joint commission to investigate the methods and applications that would absolutely end the epidemic for good.

Support has grown in the international community to bring the UN to account for its role in causing the cholera epidemic. Evidence has been growing that points to a deployment of Nepalese soldiers, who brought the bacterial infection with them to Haiti.

Martin Nesirky, a UN representative, distracted criticism of the UN's failure to protect the people of Haiti. He pointed out the $2.2 billion funding of a decade-long cholera eradication initiative, put in place in 2012, to help wipe out the bacterial infection.

Lamothe thanked the UN for its program, but allowed that it "is far from being enough". However, to influence the UN to do a better job on the infectious diseases front, he complimented it on its MINUSTAH presence on the island, a peacekeeping mission nearly a decade old.

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