Child Support During Unemployment

When you lose your job and you have child support to pay, it doesn't free you from your financial obligation to your child. You will still have to make child support payments even if you no longer have a source of income. This can be a huge problem to you because failure to pay for child support can lead to many problems.


The state can revoke or deny you a passport, as well as suspend your driver's and recreational licenses. Your car can be seized, while you can be found in contempt of court should you try to hide from your former spouse and child. Worse, you can be put behind bars in some states that impose prison time for those failing to meet their child support obligations.

Given all these, you need to act fast the moment you've lost your source of income. You can do this by filing for a child support modification. With this, the court can adjust your payment arrangements according to your financial capability and situation.

A petition for modification can be done by non-custodial parents who have suddenly lost their jobs or whose monthly income has been reduced significantly. You need to file this as soon as you can so that you can avoid incurring arrearage. Also, it can help protect you from contempt of court charges.

Finally, do your best to find a new job so that you won't have to skip paying for child support. Remember that your kid needs you and that you are doing this for his/her future as well.

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