Dominican Republic trade with Haiti hits an all time record

The Dominican Republic could not ask for anything better than its actual trade relationship with Haiti. They are in command of the Haitian economy. Officials in DR just reported that trade with neighboring Haiti has surpassed last year's figure of US$800 million.


This was revealed by Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas in a recent address at a panel on "Dominican foreign policy towards Haiti". In return, his ministry is looking at empowering his consumers in Haiti by improving their economic and social development. He wants to create jobs to improve the well-being of citizens in both countries.

Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas acknowledged that Haiti is one of the three leading trading partners with his country.

Do you think that Dominican officials should help Haiti?

Do you think they should let more Haitian citizens into the country?

Do you think the two countries should integrate their economy?

What do you think about one country for the island?

How do you think Dominicans can help Haiti

What do you think?

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Serge Olivier says...

The gap between Haiti and the Dominican Republic is extremely large.

Some say that at this point, there is no hope. At this time, it is like comparing apple and oranges.

Haiti will always be a backyard for the Dominicans in term of economy.

There is no need for them to have a trade agreement with us because we have no power.

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Natan Paul says...

What do you expect?

While Haitians have been fighting among themselves and trying to remove any government in place, the Dominicans have been producing to the point of now they occupy your entire economy.

This is just the beginning.

Haiti, with the condition it has been in for the past several year has been exploited by the Dominicans.

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Fred S Millan says...

-This article reveal a sad reality that the economic occupation of Haiti is in full swing, the political, historical, and moral occupations are coming.

- All thanks to a new generation of incompetent in charge of all the avenues of government.

- Yes a new generation of those advocating "Government pou le pep, avec le pep pa le pep" has failed because they only care about money and their social advancement, by also blaming everyone except themselves.

Haiti needs an urgent intake of teaching to the people again of their history, social responsibility, and the proper use of their ability far better than their neighbor.

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