Levaillant Louis Jeune regarding General Policy of Laurent Lamothe

In the Haitian politics Levaillant Louis Jeune started taking some crucial movements in the recent time. A lot has become a debate about the next Prime Minister of Haiti. The initial two weeks of May 2012, have been very decisive and also filled with lot of political controversies. The disputes for the selection of the new Prime Minister have been ratified. Laurent Lamothe is the new Prime Minister and Levaillant Louis Jeune, the president of the Lower House, presented a formal letter to announce his General Policy.


A lot of turbulence was seen in the house for the selection of the new Prime Minister of Haiti. The voting process was not simple and there was a lot of fuss and cry. Few Senators also walked down in protest and did not cast their votes. But, the majority of the house favored Laurent Lamothe and with 60 percent of votes in favor, he is chosen the next Prime Minister of Haiti.

The General Policy to be announced is getting delayed. Levaillant Louis Jeune has constantly working hard to make arrangement for convene General policy. On May 14, 2012 - The National Assembly will close the first regular session of 2012, so the postponement of the announcement of General policy still continues.

Let's see when the final announcement of the General policy of Laurent Lamothe takes place. The deputy needs to sign the policy and once it is signed, Lamothe will be the 17th Prime Minister of Haiti since the year 1988.

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