Manno Charlemagne and Konpè Filo out of commission

Manno Charlemagne AKA Joseph Emmanuel Charlemagne and Konpè Filo AKA Anthony Pascal are two popular Haitian artists who just find themselves out of commission. Literally speaking, these two were originally selected by the Martelly government to take part of the Commission of electoral evaluation. However after further negotiation and in an effort to have a more balanced commission, they were replaced by Me Gédéon Jean representing the human rights sector and Pastor Louis Armand, representing the Protestant Church.


What do you think?

Will this new commission become more acceptable t the opposition?

Haitian kreyol:

Manno Charlemagne ak Konpè Filo soti nan komisyon an

Manno Charlemagne AKA Jozèf Emmanuel Charlemagne ak Konpè Filo AKA Anthony Pascal, de atis popilè ayisyen ki jis jwenn tèt yo deyò nan komisyon an. Yo te orijinèlman chwazi pa gouvènman Martelly pou fè pati Komisyon an. Sepandan apre plis negosyasyon ak nan yon efò pou gen yon komisyon plis balanse, yo te ranplase pa m 'Gédéon Jean ki reprezante sektè dwa moun ak Pastè Louis Armand, ki reprezante Legliz Pwotestan.

Kisa ou panse?

Èske komisyon nouvo sa vin pi akseptab pou opozisyon an?

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Subject: Manno Charlemagne and Konpe Filo out of commission edit

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