Martelly and Medina talk while Dominicans killing Haitians

I wish I coud hear what the two leaders were talking about. Dominican President Danilo Medina and Haitian President Michel Martelly met in Caracas for the Petrocaribe energy cooperation and ALBA summit. They probably talked about everything but the effect of the recent Dominican court ruling that could strip citizenship from people of Haitian descent.


A pictue is worth a thousand words. Take a look at the video below

Based on the video and picture of the two leaders seeing after their meeting, one can think that that there is no issue between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

One thing that actually came out of the meeting between Dominican President Danilo Medina and Haitian President Michel Martelly is worth absolutely nothing.

The Dominican Republic and Haiti agreed to resume immigration talks


Can someone tell me what that means?

There should be no talk with the Dominicans

The only thing we should talk about is when they are going to reverse their racist, Anti-Haitianismo decision

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Jules Casseus says...

Priz de pozisyon Cour kosntitusyonel dominiken s yon tragedi bagay sa ap gen anpil konsekans sou peyi domino ken an. E pou kote pa Nou fok dirijan peyi a repanse fason yap dirije sosyete Nou an pou moun lot peyi pa imilye Nou.
Sa mande, tet ansanm, yon lot mantalite, yon lot edikasyon politik, fok yo bay Universite a plas li kote avni peyi a ap jwe tout Bon vre. Se Nou menm pou ki chache respe Nou. Fo Nou travay ansanm pou

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Jules Casseus says...

The racist decision of the Dominican constitutional Court is a serious matter.

This should have an appropriate answer once and for

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Subject: Martelly and Medina talk while Dominicans killing Haitians edit

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