Martelly Orders Brutal Attacks on Arcahaie Residents

President Martelly is acting to ensure his pick for the Haitian presidency, Jovenel Moise, wins office. This would ensure continuation of Martelly government policies. Martelly cannot run for a second term, but he can manipulate the electoral process to keep the people's will from being heard.


The U.S. is being harshly criticized for remaining largely passive in the face of Martelly's hastily put-together death squad, Departmental Brigade of Operations and Interventions (BOID). When citizens from Archaie, a fishing village, protested peacefully against Martelly's plans to displace them and construct tourist resorts, they were responded to with a deafening silence from the government. In desperation they resorted to a tactic to draw government attention: blocking the national highway. That's when the government deployed BOID, black-clad former prisoners, who invaded Arcahaie, killing, demolishing homes, and burgling local businesses.

The U.S. Embassy has remained mum on Martelly's violent approach to manage the uprisings occurring in Arcahaie. Residents are living in fear they will lose their homes to the encroachment of large-scale development with a land grab by Martelly. Arcahaie townspeople are aware Martelly owns a home in the same coastal region, estimated at $9 million dollars. They are deeply suspicious as to how he could afford it on a salary of only $60,000.

The Haitian people remain angry the reconstruction of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, almost six years ago, has faltered. Port-au-Prince has barely changed with the notable exception the tent cities and rubble have disappeared.

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