Haiti Alert: Cadmium within the Tarpaulins (PWELA)

In this worrisome life, filled with daily natural disasters, and it can be utterly devastating for the environment, and peoples' lives. Hence, Le Grand Sud (Depts of Sud, Grand'Anse, Nippes) has recently experienced one of the most common natural disasters such as hurricane "Mathew", and has received all sorts of foreign aid to cope with this terrible incident. This has a negative profound effect on the population. The need of the foreign aid donation such as clothes, food, water, and lastly tarpaulins were importantly vital to the needy people. Yet, one unintended consequence, is the exposure to Cadmium (CD) within the tarpaulins that may endanger peoples' lives forever.


... Life is chemistry, but sometimes chemicals kill. Naturally, Cadmium (CD) is an occurring element found in the earth yet long term exposure could be a critical danger.

Similar to Mercury and Lead, Cadmium (CD) is the most fascinating toxic heavy metal that one could be exposed to. This chemical is actively used in paints, batteries, coatings, and especially in plastics used to make the tarpaulins.

But Why the Concern?

Scientific evidence has proven chronic exposure to CD has a significant impact on increasing the risks of developing conditions such as lung and kidney failures, ongoing development in children, and lastly Cancer. Its primary exposure pathways such as Gastrointestinals and lungs have raised mighty concerns about the adverse health effects that damage people.

To put it blundly, Cadmium (CD) may be causing a public health disaster for the hurricane Mathew's victims in the Grand Sud since they will be too long exposed.

Based on the current state of the country, I believe this possible chronic exposure would be routine for at least a period of 6 months in these peoples' everyday lives. Therefore, I am not stunned that the actual government is blindfolded with the massive distribution of these tarpaulins without questioning the potential health risks.

Like the past governments, this actual government acted on incomplete Data, and an absence of absolute certainty. Political decisions, and lack of knowledge/vision/patriotism have obstructed the light of scientific decisions. Our ministry of public health (MSPP) is somewhat dysfunctional.

Last year, we encountered a case of imported wheat Flour that was put on quarantine due to high level of human consumption of chemicals such as Potassium Bromate (KBr0_3) and Azodicarbonamide (C2H4N_4_0_2) doc # (MCI/DCQPC/0116/15) that was properly mishandled. Up to now, the expected test results are remained nonexistent in the official quality control documents of the Ministry of Health (MSPP) and also the quality assurance follow up is purposely forgotten. No mistake about it, I am sure the entire Lot of this wheat flour has been totally consumed by the innocent population. All of these above reckless acts makes me wonder...IS IT a Republic of Setters?

Not surprisingly, the Ministry of Health (MSPP) seems perplexed at the fact, and the Grand Sud is now demanding the quality control test results of the Cadmium (CD) within the tarpaulins to put at rest their deepest concerns, fear, and speculation once and for all.

I hope the same tactics of misinformation that once deployed to muddy the (MCI/DCQPC/0116/15) case is not being used to darkly cover-up this disturbing issue.

In particular, Le Grand Sud has to be alarmed at this potential for harm of this chemical exposing to their lives, and polluting their environment.

Urgently, we demand for the test results transparency, and we lack any expertise and capabilities of safe waste disposal methods in place, and lastly we must return the potential causing cancer tarpaulins to their origins IF it's found Higher than the expected exposure limit tests measured over a 15 minute period of 0.05 milligrams per cubic meter of air according the acceptances criteria.

What is the role of the government and the foreign aid agencies regarding the safety of the emergency relief aid sent?

To refer to the commonly used phrase-"The Dose Makes the Poison"
Sources: OSHA/MSDS files

The Grand Sud Project, Scientific Advisor!

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Love Bertrand says...

Great to work for the people of Le Grand

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Lylian Madsen says...

So happy to have you back, and always very interesting to read you, all the

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Ceetee7 says...

that's a very good point but our government so corrupted the only thing that can help us is a miracle and good citizen like you

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