Nourimanba Production Facility Treatments For Malnutrition in Haiti

Pediatric malnutrition is sadly prevalent in Haiti. The major problem with the epidemic is that, as well as the bloated stomachs common to the issue, children are at the risk of their growth being physically hindered by the stunting effects of the lack of protein that plagues those from poor countries. Hoping to offer a permanent solution to the problem, a new product to combat malnutrition, called Nourimanba, has been developed and a batch shipped for distribution in Haiti.


High in calories and protein, Nourimanba is a peanut based food that uses vegetable oil, a much needed mixture of vitamins as well as sugar to provide a balanced meal in one serving to children at risk. The venture will be highly localized, with a Haitian-run facility, using peanuts grown by farmers within the country. The pilot project, giving patronage to 300 local farmers, will also serve to ramp up the quality of the supplied peanuts being used at the factory.

The success of the project is evident in the new development of a Nourimanba production plant opened in Haiti's central plateau. Three organizations have made the venture possible, erecting the production facility on an 18,000 square foot site. Abbott and the Abbott Fund, along with Partners in Health have been working together for years and are excited by the continued support they will now be able to give the clinics of Zanmi Lasante and PIH.

With its initial startup cost of $6.5 million, the new Nourimanba Production Facility should turn a profit not only counted in dollars and cents.

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