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Haitian Artist Jean Losier forged $4.5Millions in counterfeit bills

The Haitian artist Jean Losier did not think that creating beautiful painting painting was profitable enough. Hot involved instead in a more lucrative business. Prosecutors confirmed that he the artist had produced more than $4.5 million worth of counterfeit $50 and $100 bills at his Wellington art studio in Delray Beach.

WATCH VIDEO: Jean Losier Art

Unlike his real artwork, demand for his counterfeit $50 and $100 bills were high. Losier used a simple technic by bleached authentic $1 bills and then printed $50 and $100 on those bills. He had some some business partners who bought the fake bills at 10 cents on the dollar, In another way, they will purchase a pack of $10,000 fake bills $1,000.

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Dweynie Esther Paul, first Haitian American New York court judge

Attorney Dweynie Esther Paul, a daughter of Haitian parents has been practicing in New York, NY for the last 11 years. Her specialized areas of practice include, Securities & Investment Fraud, Employee Benefits, Mediation, Arbitration, Bankruptcy & Debt.

On Tuesday, November 3, 2015, she made history by becoming the first Haitian American to be elected as a New York State civil court judge. Her victory was unanimous. From now on, she will represent 2nd Municipal District, which includes Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Clinton Hill and Ocean Hill near Brooklyn (New York, USA). She feels herself heavily blessed to receive this honor and to have the opportunity to serve the whole community in Kings County. It is a moment of pride for the entire Haitian community and the great Pan African black community.

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Jean Renel Senatus, zokiki, elected Senator in first round

According to the decision of the Departmental Electoral Office of Litigation (BCED) of West, Jean Renel Sénatus aka "Zokiki", the former Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince has been elected as a Senate candidate under the banner of "Dessalinienne League" (LIDE).

He had a lead of 44,003 votes (by 43.18%) over his nearest rival in the August 9 election. The names of the four leading candidates from his center were, Jean Renel (LIDE) 101,884 votes, Antonio Cheramy (VERITE) 57,881 votes, Alix Didier (VERITE) 24,057 votes and Jean Myrtho, Muraille (PITIT DESSALINES) 21,605 votes. During his campaign, he had proclaimed himself as a candidate who would fight for family values. Once he gets to the Senate, would fight to introduce bills in support of youth programs, support checks for widows of dead police officers, support the education of children of slain police officers and support their spouses until they remarry. He would put a cap on increasing tax rates, but fine for police abuse would be dear.

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Ebenezer D. Bassett, first African-American ambassador to Haiti

Connecticut native son and African-American, Ebenezer Bassett, will be accorded special distinction at the Freedom Trail Month celebration in September. His distinctions include his acceptance as the first black student to attend Central Connecticut State University and an appointment as the first African-American Ambassador to Haiti.

Bassett was a foremost advocate for the abolition of slavery during the Civil War. His friendship with another abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, was key in bringing Bassett's talents and experience to the attention of President Ulysses Grant. Little did Bassett know his biggest career challenge awaited him in Haiti, buffeted by internal conflicts, in the midst of a civil war.

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Roody Roodboy & Fiance Rutshelle Guillaume Domestic Violence

The happy relationship between Rutshelle Guilluame and Roody Roodboy was never a secret. They were often ready to discuss how happy they were to have found a love so special. However, in a recent incident in the month of Domestic Violence Awareness (October), Roodyroodboy found that he was being cheated by Guilluame.

The incident that leads to the altercation and domestic violence is as follows: Roody Roodboy was calling Rutshelle for hours but could not reach her. So he decided to drive to his fiancee's home to find whether she is alright. When he walked in her place, found Rutshelle and Trouble Boy (another popular Rapper) in an intimate sexual act. The incident lead Roody Roodboy to an altercation with Rutshelle and that left Rutshelle with several bruises and a black eye.

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Max Beauvoir Biochemist and Voodoo Houngan

Haitian Max Gesner Beauvoir's profession was as a biochemist, but he also pursued a calling to become a Voodoo houngan. Beauvoir took his studies at the City College of New York, earning an associate degree in chemistry. He completed his education at the Sorbonne, earning an undergraduate degree in biochemistry. His career path led him to Cornell Medical Center, and then to a position as an engineer for the Digital Equipment Company, where he researched the topic of plant-derived hydrocortisone.

The event of Beauvoir's father's death motivated him to return to Haiti. Not long after he arrived back home, in 1973 he felt an urge to become a Voodoo priest, a houngan. He ascended to the heights of Voodoo priesthood, finally attaining the title Supreme Servitur, which gave him great status among the other Voodoo leaders.

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King Kino returns from self-imposed exile to support Steeve Khawly

Human Rights Activist and Lead Singer of the Haitian group Phantoms, King Kino is finally in Haiti. After a long self-imposed exile for his opposition to the government of Michel Martelly, he returned to the country to support Steeve Khawly of BOUCLIER for President.

Isn't Steeve Khawly a candidate under political party BOUCLIER?

Isn't BOUCLIER a political party very close to President Michel Martelly?

This decision by King Kino to support Steeve Khawly of BOUCLIER and not Maryse Narcisse also marks a break with Fanmi Mavalas as well. Does this mean he no longer support Fanmi Lavalas?

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Mirlande Manigat, I want to be President with or without your vote

Should we be listening to someone with experience, someone who is older than many of us? I am referring to Ms. Mirlande Manigat. The 74 year-old former First Lady, former 2010 presidential candidate spoke few days following the visit of the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to Port-au-Prince. While the US Secretary insists on election in Haiti this year, Ms. Manigat on the other hand is assuring her place at the next transitional government.

US government has clearly rejected the demands by several opposition groups in Haiti to invalidate the results of recent legislative elections, and to set up a transitional government that will be conducting the next election. "Let me be very clear! The only way to have a change of government is through the election process," said John Kerry.

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Wyclef Jean to Put Haiti in the Spotlight at Floyd-Berto Fight

Haitian boxer Andre Berto is set to fight Floyd Mayweather, who during his boxing career, has never lost a fight. Berto has lost one fight out of 30; and six fights prior to the present have been three for six. Mayweather selected Berto for his last title fight instead of contenders like Amir Khan, Keith Thurman, and Shawn Porter. Berto currently holds the World boxing Association's welterweight title.

What would lead Mayweather to pick the weakest fighter for his retirement fight? It would seem he wants to go out on top, retaining his perfect no-loss record. Is he retiring because he fears he is on the verge of losing his boxing edge? Is age also a consideration? What's certain is Mayweather's $200 million CBS / Showtime contract is ending.

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Jovenel Moise, Presidential Candidate for PHTK

Jovenel Moise, a presidential candidate from the President Martelly's PTHK party has laid a plethora of promises before his prospective voters. If he is elected, he would continue the development works undertaken by President Martelly-- create excellence in every department.

To protect peasants' property he will reinstate 'rural police' a unit within the PNH. The armed forces will be rebuilt, put Haiti on the world map of exporting countries; there will be autonomy in the economic, financial and social sectors. There will be more jobs in the agriculture sector, every opportunity for development in agricultural production and its export will be critically studied. A strong judicial system will be established in the country.

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