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Alexandre Lerouge - Cap-Haitian

Alexandre Lerouge, an outspoken school teacher of 62 years old from Cap-Haitian's northern town, became an opposition leader popularly elected under Duvalier dictatorship regime. Alexandre Lerouge had been repeatedly opposing soaring inflation and official corruption during his election campaigns. A Haitian businessman said, after the Feb 11, 1979 victory of Alexandre Lerouge that first time throughout the Duvalier regime did the government backed down and in case Alexandre did not win the election, the angry crowd would have burned down the entire Cap-Haitian into ashes.

It was reported that prior to the election, incendiary devices and Molotov cocktails were readied in large scale in Cap-Haitian before the election kicked off. This was a fallback measure for the Cap-Haitian people in case the government decided to interfere with the election. The Duvalier regime used to hold an election every 6 years which rubber-stamped the instructions of the President for Life, Jean-Claude Duvalier. However, nothing really changed and the liberalization by the Baby Doc was actually a ploy to increase the inflow of foreign aid that never led to any kind of substantial changes.

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Lunise Morse, singer of the group RAM, to represent Fanmi Lavalas in upcoming election

It is no longer a rumor. It is now confirmed that the wife of Richard Morse, Lunise Morse, has entered a new field, that of politic. She was officially designated last Saturday by Fanmi Lavalas to represent the political party at the next upcoming Senate election

Lunise Morse is the lead singer of the group RAM. Her candidacy for the Senate seat under the Lavalas Banner was announced during a ceremony to celebrate Mother's Day at the Aristide Foundation for Democracy.

If you can remember, the information has been circulating in the social media, after Lunise Morse's husband Richard Morse, made the information public. Richard Morse is the cousin and former adviser to President Michel Martelly. He recently accused left his post, accusing the current government of being involved in corruption corruption.

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Brother Franklin Armand - Pandiassou, Haiti

With their belief that the Gospel cannot exist in tandem with misery CPFSI, and its founder Brother Franklin Armand, began a program that has turned life around for the inhabitants of one village in the Haitian city of Hinche.

With the entire country facing economic difficulties, exacerbated by the vicious cycle of agricultural deforestation, residents of Pandiassou, a small settlement in Haiti's Central Plateau, have benefited from the efforts of the missionary and their campaign to turn around the ability of the peasantry to sustain themselves in today's socio-economic climate.

Started over 25 years before, the Congregation of Little Brothers and Sisters of the Incarnate (CPFSI) first began by aiding the peasantry to feed itself. Once the immediate needs were met they set about making this abundance self-sustainable and stamping out the crippling dependency on food aid. What they established was a Konbit-like system of community farming that maximized the efficiency of the community's production. Unlike a traditional Konbit, the peasants are instrumental in the planning stages, which manifests in a more successfully cooperative undertaking.

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Me Mario Joseph nominated for the 2013 Martin Ennals Award

Since 1994 there have been 19 recipients of the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders; one for each year since its inception. The winners have ranged from people to organizations, living and working in many different countries across the world. Titled for Amnesty International's past secretary general, the award isn't so much celebratory, as an investment in the safety of the individuals who, through their work in their home countries and their efforts to defend human rights, find themselves in danger.

The award committee achieves this by giving protection through publicity, through shining light on the issues, and by drawing the attention of the media on the individuals who are often risking their lives while fulfilling their undertakings.

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Jacques-Edouard Alexis, a Haitian politician

Jacques-Édouard Alexis is the former Prime Minister of Haiti. He was twice elected the Prime Minister of Haiti, once between 1999 and 2001, and once again from 2006 to 2008. Born in 1947, Jacques-Édouard Alexis completed school in 1966 from Lycée Geffrard and Lycée Toussaint Louverture. He graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1973 from the State University of Haiti.

After completing his degree, Jacques-Édouard Alexis assumed numerous roles in the field of academics. His first well-known job was at the State University of Haiti for a period of 3 years from 1973 to 1976, where he was an Assistant Professor teaching Chemistry. He moved to Canada in 1977, where he gained his Master's Degree in Food Science and Technology from University Laval. During this time, he was also working as a Research and Teaching Assistant. He then returned to the State University of Haiti where he assumed the duties as the Professor for food harvest technology and food technology for the next eight years.

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Luckner Cambronne, high-ranking figure in Francois Duvalier's regime

One among those powerful individuals during Francois Duvalier's regime as the President of Haiti was Luckner Cambronne. Nicknamed as the "Vampire of the Caribbean", Luckner struck terror among hearts of innocent people because of his terrorist and ruthless deeds. Born to a poor preacher and working as a mere teller in a bank, Luckner grew to second in terms of power solely because of his alliance with Francois Duvalier.

Luckner Cambronne grew high up in power because of his reputation, a reputation of sheer brutality and enforcement. He was no more than a messenger for Francois Duvalier when he started, however grew to be second in power because of his cruelty. His time in power was set apart by what was called his "embezzlement" campaign. He used the public funds for his own personal interests and hardly bothered about people in Haiti. During this time, the opposition parties did not even stand a chance. Luckner Cambronne fronted an operation that threatened, killed or sometimes "disappeared" people from the opposition.

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Madame max Aldolphe

Francois Duvalier, the 40th President of Haiti, had a number of people who he used during his regime to impose his rules and methods of running his own government. A rule of guns, military power along with personality cult and voodoo, Francois Duvalier was responsible for the death of over 30000 Haitians. This not only struck fear and horror in the hearts of the people of Haiti when he was alive, it is something that Haiti has not recovered from ever since.

One of the significant figures of Francois Duvalier's regime was Madame Max Adolphe. Every leader has a group of deputies under him/her to take care of nationalistic duties. Madame Max Adolphe was one such individual under Duvalier's reign. She was what Duvalier, during his presidency, called his "right hand".

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Clement Barbot and Tontons Macoutes ("Bogeymen")

Dressed in a black suit and sporting dark sunglasses, Clement Barbot instigated fear wherever he went. Not with just his presence, the mere sound of the DKW jeep he rode on created a sense of fright among people. As the chief and controller of the National Security Volunteers, earlier called the Tonton Macoutes or the "hooded men", Clement Barbot was much more than just a force to reckon with during the Francois Duvalier regime.

When Francois Duvalier was proclaimed President for a term period of six years, Clement Barbot was then the self-proclaimed "Chief of the Secret Police". The team that was functioning under him was not just the military personnel. His team was a good mix of both military personnel and civilians. Clement Barbot, along with his Tonton Macoutes, gave people three alternatives other than silence and obedience. Those were to end up in jail, get themselves killed and flee the country. It was this reign of terror that struck fear in the hearts of people.

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Michele Bennett, former First Lady of Haiti and the ex-wife of Jean-Claude Duvalier

Born in 1950, Michele Bennett was the daughter of a Haitian businessman who owned 50,000 acres of land, where he mostly grew coffee. She moved to New York when she was 15 and stayed there until she completed her school from St. Mary's School in Peekskill, New York. Her first job was with a slipper company, where she worked as a secretary.

Her first marriage was with the son of a mulatto officer in 1973, a lock from which Michele gave birth to two children. Michele's first marriage ended five years later, in 1978, post which she took up a career in Public Relations. Her first stint was with a classy hotel called Habitation LeClerc.

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Dr. Schiller Alexandre, son of Boniface Alexandre attempted kidnapping

An abduction-in-progress at the home of Dr. Schiller Alexandre was aborted by the intervention of Petion-Ville police. Dr. Alexandre, whose father was ex-President Boniface Alexandre, was found by officers tied up and gagged. Former Member of Parliament, Eliphète Noel, accompanying Schiller, sustained blunt-force trauma and a machete-inflicted wound to his shoulder.

Officers apprehended two suspects at the scene, Véner Oderson and Pierre-Louis. Third assailant, Peter Féguen, remains at large. The near-abduction, reason for the home invasion, happened on the evening of May 11th in Vivy Mitchell, a neighborhood in Port-au-Prince.

Accomplice Andy Campion, a security guard, provided access to Dr. Alexandre's home after he had left for the day. The trio of kidnappers hung out, anticipating Dr. Alexandre's appearance at any time. He arrived with Estère ex-deputy Noel to find the suspects, who overtook both men. Estère managed to call police from his cell phone before being brutally assaulted.

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