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RNDDH Lists 34 Haitian Candidates with Questionable Morality

The Defense National Network of Human Rights (RNDDH), responsible to monitor the electoral process has recently analyzed the list of approved candidates for the 2015 legislative elections published by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). The RNDDH has complained that the list includes the name of many candidates against whom many serious cases of criminal offence are pending before the court of law. Some of them were taken to the police custody, but were released either provisionally or by unlawful means. RNDDH wishes to share these worrying facts on the ground of morality which may threaten the main objectives of a fair legislative election process.

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Guy Philippe threatened to remove Grand'Anse from Haiti

Guy Philippe is back. The former rebel army who contributed to the exile of former president Jean Bertrand Aristide is now making new threats. According to Guy Philippe, if a Transitional Government is put in place to replace following the departure of the Martelly government, he will remove Grand'Anse Department from the rest of the country. He criticized the CEP for the postponement of the January 24th election and concluded that the country can't function without a representative from his Department in the Senate. The only way he would allow a Provisional Government to take over is with proper representation from Grand'Anse.

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Haitian-American Rolin Jean, one of Florida ‪Powerball‬ winners

Haitian-American Rolin Jean is one of the luckiest men on earth this week. he has wan $1 million in the Powerball Jackpot that has reached over $1.5 billion of dollars. Rolin Jean is a 50 year old Miami resident who matched five white balls in Wednesday's historic ‪Powerball‬ drawing. He purchased the ticket at Orion Gas which is located at: 10301 Northwest 7th Avenue in Miami.

Isn't he my long lost cousin that I have not seen for years?. If anyone has the phone number for Rolin Jean, please I would like to have it.

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Senator Jocelerme Privert wan Senate Presidency over Yuri Latortue

Among two well qualified candidates for Haiti Senate seat, one must wan. The Senator of Nippes, Jocelerme Privert, became President of the Senate in a competition with Senator Yuri Latortue. He will be accompanied by Senator Rnald Lareche of Nord-Est who was elected as vice-President of the Senate, Senator Fritz Carlos Lebon, Sud, elected as treasurer, Senator Francois Lucas Sainvil as First Secretary and Steven Benoit, Second Secretary.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Senatè Jocelerme Privert genyen kom Prezidans Sena sou Yuri Latortue

Pami de kandida byen kalifye pou chèzA Sena Ayisye an , youn dwe genyen. Se konsa Senatè nan Nip lan, Jocelerme Privert, te vin Prezidan Sena a nan yon konpetisyon ak Senatè Yuri Latortue. Li ap akonpaye de Senatè Rnald Larèche nan Nord-Est ki te eli kòm vis-prezidan nan Sena a, Senatè Fritz Carlos Lebon, Sud, eli kòm trezorye, Senatè Francois Lucas Sainvil kòm Premye Sekretè ak Steven Benoit, Dezyèm Sekretè.

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Sean Penn's Haiti relief charity spent $126,000 for travel in one year

Sean Penn might be doing lots of good things in Haiti with his Haitian Relief Organization (HRO). However, he is also doing very well for himself in the process. According to his tax return for 2013, his Haiti relief charity over $126,000 on travel in a single year. Due to his celebrity status, Sean Penn couldn't travel just you or me in economy class. The Haitian Relief Organization (HRO) had to pick-up the tab on the actor's first-class flights for his status and security reasons. At least he paid out of his own pocked when he went to Mexico back in October to meet kingpin El Chapo

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Recommendations on Youri Latortue and Jean Renel Senatus ignored by Assembly

As the 14 Senators were swearing in, 2 Validation Commissions were formed to study the records of newly elected officials. The Validation Commission made the recommendations to defer the validation procedures for two of the newly elected Senators, Youri Latortue and Jean Renel Senatus, until the CEP give adequate explanation on their method of calculation. The two Senators took positions to defend their win and managed to convince the Assembly to validate them.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Rekòmandasyon Komisyon Validasyon sou Youri Latortue ak Jean Renel senatus inyore

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De facto Prime Minister Evans Paul must resign with elected parliament in function

Senator Francisco Delacruz has decided to add insult to injury with the current electoral crisis in Haiti. The Senator of Plateau Central has declared that the newly elected parliament scheduled to enter in function on January 11 can not co-exist with the actual prime minister and that the later must resign immediately following their investiture. As you may remember, Prime Minister Evans Paul did not occupy this function according to the Haitian constitution but rather as a result of a negotiation. As a De facto Prime minister, he was not ratified by the legislative branch and consequently can not be sanctioned by them either.

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Sauveur Pierre Etienne calls Martelly Incompetent and irresponsible

The coordinator of the political party OPL, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, classified President Michel Martelly as irresponsible leader following the announcement on January 1st by the President to hold the second round of the presidential election on January 17.


Sauveur Pierre Etienne di Martelly enkonpetan e irèsponsab

Koòdonatè nan pati politik OPL, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, konsidere Prezidan Michel Martelly kòm lidè irèsponsab e enkonpetan pou anons 1ye janvye pa Prezidan an kote li te kenbe dezyem wonn eleksyon prezidansyèl pou u 17 janvye.

Ki sa ou panse?

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New Equal Rights Policy Initiative positive step toward Gender Equality

Haitian President Michel Martelly introduced the Men-Women Equality Policy (EFH) and the EFH National Action Initiative (NAI) at a gathering of government of Haiti (GOH) ministries (Public Health Minister, Dr. Florence D.Guillaume; Status of Women and Women's Rights (MSWWR) Minister, Mrs. Yves Rose Myrtil Morquette, and Canadian Ambassador to Haiti, Ms. Paula Saint-Onge). The occasion was to celebrate the 28th International Women's Day.

The implementation of NAI will be the responsibility of the Ministry for the Status of Women and Women's Rights (MSWWR). It will act as advocates in the following areas:

Impartiality regarding gender equality and equal rights in the judicial system

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FLASH: New National Ati, Alcenat Zamor, is dead

We just learned that the new National Ati is dead. Houngan Alcenat Zamor who recently replaced Max Beauvoir after his death just passed away following complication after his car accident. Alcenat was 60 year old and has been practicing Houngan for the past 40 years in the town of Gros Morne. He He was elected unanimously by nembers of the National Confederation of Haitian Vaudouisants (KNVA) to replace Max Beauvoir. At this time we continue to gather information around his death and will inform you as soon as they are available.

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