Arnel Belizaire wants to take over the National Palace with 120 soldiers

In the past some people would try to take Haiti National Palace while it was occupied. As a result, this often resulted in bloody Coup D'etat, leaving many people dead. This time, former Deputy Arnel Belizaire has a better plan. While Haiti National Palace is unoccupied, he wants to head an army of no more than 120 soldiers to take over the National Palace.


Who would disagree? The National Palace is vacant. It should be an easy coup D'Etat

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol

Arnel Belizaire vle pran Palè Nasyonal la ak 120 sòlda

Nan tan lontan kèk moun te eseye pran Palè Nasyonal la pandan ke li te okipe. Kòm rezilta, anpil moun te kon mouri lè te gin yon koudeta ki pase. kounye a, ansyen Depite Arnel Belizaire gen yon lot plan. Pandan ke Palè Nasyonal la vid , li vle an tèt yon lame de 120 sòlda pou ale pran Palè Nasyonal la.

Ki moun ki pa dakò ? Palè Nasyonal la vid. Li ta dwe yon koudeta fasil.

Kisa ou panse?

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Subject: Arnel Belizaire wants to take over the National Palace with 120 soldiers edit

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