Can the Haitian Police provide security to quake survivors?

As it was the case for most Haitian institutions, the Haitian Police suffered a severe blow as a result of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti.


Haitian Police conceded they had lost their battle to maintain order in Port-au-Prince. Many Haitian gangs have been able to reclaim their old turf since being freed when the national prison collapsed following the earthquake.

In an attempt to maintain order, the Haitian police recently opened fire on looters, killing at least one of them as hundreds of rioters ransacked a market in quake-hit area of Port-au-Prince.

The National Police of Haiti has for mission to provide with the support of MINUSTAH, the public safety, the Judicial Police and law enforcement in Haiti. The force, was created in 1995 to bring public security under civilian control as mandated in Haiti's constitution.

More than 8,500 police officers have completed training in modern law enforcement. U.S. instructors along with instructors from Canada, Brazil, Argentina and France have contributed to the training of the Haitian Police force.

Under Duvalier, the Haitian police was part of the Haitian Army and had 14,000 members. Since 1987, successive governments attempted to reform it as stated by the constitution it was created to maintain peace, enforce law and order in accordance with the rule of law, to protect its citizens and to arrest those that violate the law. However the police, being plagued by militarism, factionalism, and corruption, is mainly viewed by citizens as being repressive.

The recent prison breakout appears to be very suspicious and many are questioning the role of some Haitian Police officers into the evasion of 4,300 prisoners, some hardened criminals during the quake.

"You know, I don't want to anticipate the result of the investigation, but to me it's very suspicious," national police chief Mario Andresol said.

Your opinion counts:

Do you think the the Haitian Police can currently provide security to the people in the area hit by the earthquake?

Do you think the Haitian Police is equipped to deal the gang members?

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