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La Fanmi Divize, Camp Maryse Narcisse Vs. Camp Moise Jean Charles

In a reunion organized in the city of Les Cayes, the division in the political party appears to be more obvious. As you can see in this video, the majority of the the participants in this meeting were in favor of Moise Jean Charles and not so much in favor of Maryse Narcisse.

Ki sa ki pou fet lè ke giyin problem nan kay la?

Maryse Narcisse was having such a tough time conducting the meeting with the supporters of Moise Jean charles making noises, as Maryse was speaking. Is this a sign that the division in Fanmi Lavalas will eventually split the party?

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Senate Wencesclas Lambert Pa konn Li oubyen Li Li Tet Anba

While most Haitian Senators did not see a big deal with the letter Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras addressed to the Chilean government recently, Senator Wencesclas Lambert did not see it that way. According to Wencesclas Lambert, Simon Dieuseul Desras clearly calls for foreign troops to overthrow a legitimate government.

Simon Dieuseul Desras ask for Coup d'Etat according to Wencesclas Lambert

According to Wencesclas, this is:
- "High treason"
- "Crime of lese Fatherland"
- "Senator Desras should be removed from office"

Senatè Simon Dieuseul Desras panse oubyen Senatè Wencesclas Lambert Pa konn Li oubyen Li Li tèt La Tet Anba

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Moise Jean-Charles in open conflict with Fanmi Lavalas Hierarchy

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. With this new development in the Fanmi Lavalas where there is a public conflict between Senator Moise Jean-Charles and Deputy Arnel Belizaire on the one side and Maryse Narcisse, Pasha Vorbe and Claude Roumain on the other, I call it simple Sibling Rivalry.

Mezanmi, Mwen ta Konseye Nou Gade Bagay la Pi Prè

Here is the picture that makes sense to me in term of how I see the new and restructured Lavalas Party following this new development:


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Civil Society Initiative (ISC) sees legal term of Haitian Senators January 2015

At the Plaza Hotel, on Friday, October 11th, a conference was held by the ISC (Civil Society Initiative) where they convened on the matter relating to the ending of the term served by Senators.

The group, constituted of various associations, organizations and institutions pored over those legal documents that speak to the end date for the term served by the Senators, set to be done on the second Monday of the first month of 2014.

In a declaration coming out of the ISC meeting, the various heads of different Civil Society groups stated that their disquiet over the menace of the country's parliament becoming defunct at the date of the next term focused their efforts and had them seeking the advice of experts on the constitution, political scientists and lawyers. From their talks, some observances and determinations were made.

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Fanmi Lavalas Ba Moise Jean-Charles et Arnel Belizaire yon bwa Long Kimbe

Eske nou panse ke Jean Bertrand Aristide et Maryse Narcisse panse ke 2 mesye sa yo, Senator Moise Jean-Charles et Deputy Arnel Belizaire, indesirab oubien ke se yon strategy ke Pati Fanmi lavalas la ape jwe ak moun serye? I have some doubt!

In a press conference, the group responsible for Fanmi Lavalas stated that these two individuals are not members of the party and also never showed their interest to become member. As a result, any statement made by Senator Moise Jean-Charles and Deputy Arnel Belizaire in the press is not in any way, form or shape the opinion of the party.

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School of Ethnology Student lost Hand from Grenade Blast - Video

I want to warn you that this picture may be disturbing to some. the actual video of the student who lost his hand as a result of a grenade blast during the protest on November 18.

This video taken by Frantz Etienne shows the hand hanging with blood all over. The victim was identified as a student at the School of Ethnology at the State University in Haiti.

This happened after he decided to grab a grenade that was launched over toward the University of the School of Ethnology on Monday by the Police and to throw it back at them

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Behaviors that did not help the cause during anti-Martelly Protest

The protest against the government of Michel Martelly was undeniable a success with thousands and thousands of people in the street on November 18, 2013 demanding that Michel Martelly leave. There were several incidents that I observed that actually make me think about who actually took to the streets to demand the removal of the Haitian President.

Please tell me why do some during the protest feel that they have to clime a light pole just to remove the picture of Michel Martelly?

There were several vehicles that were parked at the wrong place, the wrong time. These cars had their windows broke into, painted with graffiti and in some case had their tires punched.

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Pro Michel Martelly Demonstration turns into money discussion

In the city of Cap-Haitian where the president was present, the population showed some support. In Port-au-prince, however, it turns to a fight for money

PaPa Nwel Te nan Lari

Here is what I learned regarding some of the groups who came out to support the Government of Michel Martelly on November 18, 2013

Rosemond Jean who was the principal leader and figure of the group supporting the government of Michel Martelly came late to meet the pro government group

Papa Nwel Kon Bay Main Li Pa Kon Separe

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Opposition to Michel Martelly came out reinforced today

If you ask the opposition after the protest agaainst the Government of Michel Martelly what do you think they will answer?

I Feeeeeel Goooood!

Several thousands of people took to the street to demand the removal of Michel Martelly from office. The population came out in mass and the organizators claimed the protest to be a success.

According to Senator Moise Jean charles, this is the end of Michel Martelly. There is nothing else left for Michel Martelly

On the other hand, there were some acts by the mainifestansts that did not help the cause. People were engaged in removing picture of the President on from the street. In another instance, a gentleman took pleasure in taking care of his biological need on the president's picture.

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Anti-Michel Martelly Protest - Live Video

Here is the first video of an Anti Martelly protest made available. There have been several protests throughout the Haitian Capital as well as in the city of Cap-Haitian

It has also been reported that the participants have been victims of gas used by the Haitian Police. There have been also several instances of rock throwing.

The situation has been tense throughout the day. It definitely did not look like a regular day in Cap-Haitian. For the commemoration of the 210th anniversary of the Battle of Vertières many police officers and specialized forces were deployed in anticipation of this popular protest.

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