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Fanmi Lavalas changes course, now wants Michel Martelly out

The Lavalas Political Party must admit this: Moise Jean Charles has demonstrated that he is more stable than the hierarchy of the Lavalas Party, including Maryse Narcisse and team. After they publicly announced their distance with Moise Jean Charle and Arnel Belizaire, joined the table of inter-Haitian dialogue, they finally realized that Moise Jean Charles was right after all. Fanmi Lavalas changed course, calling for general elections.

The "On" again, "Off" again positions of the Lavalas party.

As part of their new position, Fanmi Lavalas announces a big demonstration for Thursday, February 27, to demand the organization of general elections this year.

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MOPOD suddenly by itself as Fanmi lavalas and KID change course

Two major decisions that took place today suddenly made MOPOD realized that it is in a ship by itself that is quickly taking on water. KID is no longer part of MOPOD and Fanmi lavalas has decided to join the Dialogue.

Evans Paul (K-plim) announced this morning that KID is no longer part of MOPOD, stating that a dialogue is the only way to find a solution to the problems in Haiti.

In an other development, Ansyto Félix announced that Fanmi lavalas will take part of the discussion. That was followed by the presence of the coordinator of the party, Doctor Maryse Narcisse on Monday at the dialogue.

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Moise Jean Charles is example of Democracy in Haiti, Michel martelly

For the past two years, Senator Moise Jean Charles has not been moderate as to the various labels he has attributed to the government of Michel Martelly. Names like drug dealing, corruptions, dictatorship and racism are often words used by the Senator of North to describe our president. Do you think that the ability for Senator Moise Jean Charles to criticize the government of Michel Martelly is a proof that Democracy exists in Haiti?

At least the Haitian president believes that his government has exercised tolerance, a requirement for Democracy. During a visit in the city of Cap-Haitian on Thursday, January 23, 2014, President Michel Martelly confirmed that Senator Moise Jean Charles is a vivid proof that Democracy exists in Haiti.

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Haiti National Dialogue has began, to what end?

This is something that has forever been in the public forum in Haiti. From Political Parties to religious, social and business sectors, many have been asking for a National Dialogue to bring all Haitians together. Now here is my question: Is this the real national dialogue we have been asking for?

Under the auspices of cardinal Chibly Langlois, President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Haiti, a new attempt is taking place to finally bring all Haitians together; however there are many barriers that need to be crossed before we can actually get to a real National Dialogue.

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Will Jean-Claude Duvalier run in Next Presidential Election?

Jean Claude Duvalier, a possible candidate in the next presidential election in Haiti. How does that sound to you?

If he wants to satisfy some of his supporters, the former Haitian dictator, Jean Claude Duvalier will be a candidate during the next Presidential election in Haiti. According to an article that came out in Tout Haiti, 35 organizations are calling for the former dictator to run in the next Presidential election in Haiti.

The Federation of areas for new development orientation in Gonaives (FESNODG), consisting of 35 grassroots organizations is calling on Jean Claude Duvalier to represent himself as a candidate.

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Ouveti Premye sesyon odine pou ane lejislativ la

Tout moun ki tape tann "Zin" nan Palman Ayisyen-a te desi jou ki te 13 Janvye sa. Sa ke nou kapab ouè se ke President michel Martelly et Premye Minis Laurent lamothe desannn et kompôte yo nomalman.

Tout moun jwe roll yo jan pou yo te fè li.

Mwen ta espere ke se yon changeman ki vini et kap rete. Lè ke Preseidan, Premye minis, Palmantè, Jij, tout moun konnin et respekte roll yo

Imaj Jounen Ouvèti Premyè sesyon òdinè pou ane lejislativ 2014 la

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Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras remains in Post

The President of the Senate has kept his leadership on the Senate. The office of the Senate was renewed based on a resolution passed by the Senators.

The resolution allowed the office of the Senate of the Republic to be renewed in its its entirety for one more year

However there were some recommendations coming mainly from the Senators supporting the government of Michel Martelly. They wish that President of the Senate, Simon Dieuseul Desras, demonstrate greater restraint in his public speeches in the future

Here are the comments from Wencessclas Lambert and others

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Abel Descollines ready for Dechoukage if no election in 2014

Deputy Abel Descollines will be in opposition with the government of Michel Martelly if there is no election in 2014. The Deputy of Mirebalais-Boucan Carré gave an ultimatum to the government saying that if he does not hold election in 2014, the government will be forced to resign.

Deputy Abel Descollines however, does not agree with the position of some politicians who believe that the transitional College of the Permanent Electoral Council (CTCEP) should leave before the next election.

Eske sa vle di ke Depite Abel Descollines ape vini jwen Moise jean Charles si pa gin eleksyon ane sa?

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Michel Martelly preaching unity in Gonaives

It seems that President Michel Martelly did not only talk about unity in Gonaives to celebrate the 210th anniversary of Haiti independence; he actually followed it with concrete action. By inviting the former Haitian leaders to join him in Gonaives, he actually became the "First" as he usually likes to say to show that he is inclined to bring unity among Haitians. He is the first to meet with so many former head of states, first to invite them to participate in an anniversary that should have been a point of unity among all Haitians.

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Moise Jean Charles, FOPARK and the slogan Eleksyon ou Demisyon

In analyzing the current political situation in Haiti, I can safely say there is no way that Moise Jean Charles of FOPARK will be able to force Michel Martelly out of office within the next week or at least within the next 3 three months. Therefore, they will have to return and modify their famous slogan: "Eleksyon ou Demisyon". In another term, the opposition is full of "Hot Air"

Here are the reasons why I came up with this conclusion: Either intentionally or due to our historic inability to find consensus or agree on almost anything, there has been a major split in the opposition. Since the controversy that existed when members of the FOPARK wanted to demonstrate in front of the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince while the Lavalas party would not take any part of it, manifestations against Martelly government do not have any steam. Also, The State Department put all its weight behind the government of Michel Martelly and said publicly that the current government must finish its 5 years term.

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