President Michel Martelly finally showed proof of Haitian Passport

The president of Haiti, Michel Martelly displayed his Haitian passport in a meeting to prove that he is in fact "Haitian Tet Kale". President Michel Martelly was accused first by Haitian Senator Moise Jean-Charles that he had renounced his Haitian citizenship and that he hold two foreign nationalities, that of the Italy and the United States. A Senate committee was created to investigate on his nationality.


The president had been saying all along that he his a Haitian and never renounced of his nationality. He also stated that he would never show his passport and that the passport would stay in his pocket.

President Martelly has had a change of mind and decided to show the passports after all. He displayed five of his expired Haitian passports with entrance and exit visas to prove that the allegations were false. Pesident Michel Martelly displayed his Haitian passport on national television

US Ambassador Kenneth h Merten was present at the meeting and stated that president Michel Martelly is not an American citizen.President Michel Martelly stated that by presenting the documents "in front of the world," he would show he is "not a liar" and that his government would maintain transparency.

President Martelly Proved His Haitian Nationality:

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Subject: President Michel Martelly finally showed proof of Haitian Passport edit

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