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Judge Lamarre Belizaire ordered arrest of Andre Michel on murder charges

I can imagine what has been going through the head of Judge Lamarre Belizaire. He probably said: If we can't get the top prize in reference to Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide, maybe we need to settle for something less. Someone like activist André Michel could still create some problem, but not as much.

Having said that, On Wednesday, Judge Lamarre Belizaire issued a ruling, ordering the arrest of Andre Michel. The Pro-Government Haitian judge Haitian wants Mr. André Michel as well as Enold Florestal and Josué Florestal who are already in prison, to go on trial for the murder of Frantzy Duverseau in Carmelot street, Bois-Verna, Port-au-Prince,

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Maximum security Prison Break in Haiti, 13 days later, only partial list Out

In August, 2014, Haitian authorities reported that some 329 prisoners escaped from the Croix-des-Bouquets prison in Haiti, including wealthy businessman, Clifford Brandt who was accused for kidnapping.

Unlike most countries in the world, the authorities were unable to provide accurate information. Thirteen days after the prison break, authorities could only come up with a partial list as to who escaped. Can you imagine this? A maximum security prison where some of the most dangerous member of the Haitian society are incarcerated and the authorities did not keep count.


What is the definition for a maximum security prison in Haiti?

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New Legal Assistance Office (BAL) in Haiti

On Thursday, May 8th, 2014, the Bar Association of Port-au-Prince has inaugurated the Phase II of Legal Assistance Office (BAL or Bureaux d'Assistance Légale). This is an addition to the existing capacity of four offices which will double the present lawyer numbers from thirty to sixty. This extension project of US$ 807,870 was funded by the Section of Community Violence Reduction (CVR) of United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (Minustah). This is an effort from the United Nation to strengthen the rule of law through democratic governance, providing security to the population and supporting a functioning public administration.

When Phase I of BAL was launched in last January 31, 2013, it had some objectives: provide free legal assistance to the citizens who are in dire need especially those who are in captivity and to reduce unjustified prolonged pre-trial detentions. BAL has successfully assisted many poorest litigants who did never had any ability to pay a lawyer. BAL, with its 30 lawyers in the first four offices has fought 6463 individual cases and regained freedom for 2851 people of whom 425 were women and 97 minors. Including the copy of decisions, the Ministry of Justice has exempted all fiscal fees to the beneficiaries of the legal services.

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Jean-Bertand Aristide summoned to appear before judge Lamarre Belizaire

This is supposed to take place today, August 13. The time is 10:00am. The place: before judge Lamarre Belizaire. Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide has a date with the Judge to respond to several charges against him. It covers a period between 2001 and 2004.

Former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide has some serious charges against him, including corruption, money laundering, misappropriation of millions of dollars in public funds, criminal conspiracy and others.

Can all these court hearings lead to the eventual incarceration of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide?

Pawol Pale, Pawol komprann...

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FLASH: Clifford Brandt Captured in Cornillon/ Grand Bois

This just in: Clifford Brandt is captured by the Haitian Police in locality Cornillon /Grand Bois. As Clifford Brandt was on his way to the Dominican Republic, he was captured based on a joint venture between the Police force of the two nations.

We are following this new development in the case of Clifford Brandt. Please stay tuned with us we will be providing you more as the situation evolves

Pawol Pale Pawol Komprann..

Roy, FLASH!!!!

Yo Pran Clifford Brandt. Pandan ke Clifford Bradt te nan rout pou li al an Dominikani, Police Ayisyen bare li. Sa se yon resilta antre foce Polic Ayisyen et Dominikin.

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329 new graduates from University of Croix-des-Bouquets Prison

With a total of 329 inmates out of prison in Haiti, the Haitian government has 329 mouths to feed in prison. There is only one problem with these crowd just released. They are not the types of people who will be complaining about poverty and misery in Haiti. Some of them are the go getters. They will take whatever they need from the population to function. They will likely kill you if necessary or some time just for the fun of it.

The new prison escapes will not have any problem to earn a living or to prosper in an environment such as Haiti. As a matter of fact, Haiti seems to be the ideal country for them to prosper, and not an organized country such the US, Canada, etc..

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Counteroffer 5 Million offered to Police Chief to explain complicity in Clifford Brandt release

According to, a businessman in new York is not buying the position of the Head of the Police in Haiti for a second.In another way, the businessman thinks that the plan to liberate businessman Clifford Brandt came within the police force itself.

In a note to the press following the prison break, the police announced that it would offer a prize of one million gourdes to anyone who has information leading to the capture of Clifford Brandt.

According to the article on, a businessman is making a counteroffer to Haiti Police Chief Godson Aurelus. He is offering 5 million to Godson Aurelus for information as to how and with what complicity Clifford Brandt was released from prison.Here is the article:

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Prison break in Croix-des-Bouquets, Clifford Brandt on the run

We have learned with certainty that there was a major prison break at the Prison Civil of Croix-des-Bouquets where Clifford Brandt and Sonson La Familia have been spending time for kidnapping.

We also learned that there was an attack today (Sunday, August 10, 2014) coming from the inside of the prison and Clifford Brandt among many others escaped from Prison.

Woodly Etheart, aka Sonson La Familia who was also a prisoner was not able to escape the prison. As of now, there has been a reward of One Million gourdes posted by the Haitian government for anyone with information on the whereabouts of Prison Fugitive Clifford Brandt.

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From January to June, 2014, only 5 Kidnapping cases recorded in Haiti

This is what the situation is currently in Haiti. There has been major progress in the fight against kidnapping and it seems to be giving some positive results.

According to Haiti Police Chief Godson Orélus, they have managed to decrease the insecurity in Haiti. If you want to compare year to year. from January to June 2013, Haitian authorities recorded a total of 44 cases of kidnapping. Same time this year, the number of kidnapping was only five.

Godson Orélus said that they are putting lots of efforts in fighting kidnapping in Haiti. The five recorded case are under investigation. Haitian Police are also investigating some case suspected to be fake kidnapping. These fake kidnapping usually involve relative seeking to obtain money from relatives abroad, contact them to report someone in the family or a close friend has been kidnapped

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Fugitive Wesnel Isaac, Member Of The Zoe Pound Gang, Arrested

Finally Wesnel Isaac has been apprehended after a 7-year search for the man accused of murder, robbery and kidnapping. Wesnel holds the distinct reputation of being listed as one of his country's 15 most-wanted criminals.

Wesnel fled to Haiti after committing several violent crimes in Lee County. Detectives say that he never put up any fight when he they arrested him. The detectives started looking for him in 2007, after it emerged that he had committed a triple murder.

The crime that eventually convinced the police to conduct a massive manhunt for him took place in 2007. Wesnel allegedly kidnapped three men, before taking them to a Leigh Acres neighborhood and shooting them in their heads. The bodies of the three were later discovered inside a car that was abandoned. A month earlier, Weslen shot a man whose crime was that he failed to return a rental car as promised.

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