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Kiko Saint Remy, brother of First Lady Sophia Saint Remy Martelly

Charles Saint-Remy alias Kiko, the brother of First Lady Sophia Martelly and Woodly Etheard alias Sonson La Familia aka SOS, were once business partners. Woodly Etheard is a notorious leader of Gang Galil, involved in many kidnapping and extortion cases. Kiko and Sonson used to run a restaurant business "La Souvenance" located at Morne Brun, in Petionville which used to supply food at the National Palace and other important government departments of the country.

Kiko is one of President Martelly's closest clan, fights for Martelly's control of territory. During the later part of the previous year when political pressure against Martelly was mounting, to divert the public attention, Kiko accused former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe in a massive march of anti-government protest on November 18, 2014. He blamed him on charges of corruption, and held him responsible for a series of arrests, including 20 demonstrators in the earlier month and called for his resignation. Kiko further accused Lamothe on charges of exploiting justice, neutralizing competitors, operators and activists. On this day of protest, the police opened fire on the anti-government protesters- two persons were killed and four were injured.

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Enock Gene Genelus and Judge Denis Pierre Michel, extortion scheme

Haitian Judiciary Extorts $49,900 from Haitian Businessman

National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) has disclosed a Haitian-American businessman was a victim of an extortion scheme, perpetrated by the Haitian judiciary. It began when Madsen Clervoyant beat up Duclas Marcelin over a woman both had been seeing. Clervoyant was arrested and incarcerated in Gonaives. In a strange turn of events, Louima Louidor, Gonaives magistrate, handed Clervoyant's case over to Gonaives Government Commissioner, Enock Gene Genelus, who passed it along to Judge Denis Pierre Michel.

While Judge Michel was reviewing Clervoyant's file, Clervoyant's attorneys, Miguel Baptist and Marcel Jean-Baptiste brokered a settlement agreement by which Clervoyant would pay Marcelin $40,000 USD for beating him up. Clervoyant's attorneys then requested of Judge Michel Clervoyant be let out of jail to make a $40,000 payment to Marcelin. When the judge denied the illegal request, the attorneys went back to Genelus, and asked him to agree to release Clervoyant so he could make a bank transfer. Genelus said yes, and Clervoyant was transported in the Commissioner's car with a police escort to Clervoyant's bank. There he transferred $40,000 USD to Marcelin's account. In total the attorneys extorted $49,900 USD from Clervoyant.

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Woodly Etheart aka Sonson Lafamilia of Gang Galil released

As per news report dated April 17, 2015, Woodly Etheart aka Sonson Lafamilia, has been released from prison on the report day, after being brought before the Judge Lamarre Belizaire. Sonson was arrested for the kidnapping of Samy El Azi, a Syria- American citizen and businessman, on Feb. 17, 2014 from Port-au-Prince, and demanding a ransom of US$2.5 million.

Lafamilia was once the powerful leader of the "Galil Gang," which specialized in kidnapping and drug trafficking and was responsible for at least 18 other kidnappings. He was once a close associate of President Martelly and was in charge of security for the President's sons and had a restaurant located inside the National Palace. In 2009, Lafamilia was arrested with US$3 million in cash and carrying three dead bodies in his car. But he was subsequently "provisionally" released by a judge. Once, Senate President Simon Dieuseul Desras had alleged that President Martelly had kept Etheart undercover in one of his apartments. Senator Desras had also said, what is worse, from his hiding place, Lafamilia was appointing certain officials (from own gang members) for the executives in certain municipalities in the country! His wife, Marie Taïssa Mazile Ethéart, was also arrested by an investigating judge with charges of laundering money obtained from illicit drug trafficking and kidnapping.

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Public Security & the Rule of Law in Haiti Since 2012

The Office of Citizen Protection (OPC) in association with the State University of Haiti (UEH) has presented a report on the role of development played by the National Police of Haiti (PNH) while providing public security and governing laws in Haiti since 2012. The report has been prepared, based on the conversations with the law enforcing authorities directly engaged in the process deployed in Port-au-Prince and in the South Department and the report also reveals the challenges they have faced while discharging their responsibilities.

The report validates the ground on which the United Nation and the PNH had undertaken the implementation of the PNH Development Plan in 2012 and that included issues like, recruitment of agents, their professional and advancement training, monitoring ethical values among the enforcement staff and other specialized units.
However, the report suggests a few shortcomings in the achievements. They are: (a) Expected growth of the workforce (particularly women personnel) could not be achieved and deployed as per requirement in the provinces; (b) Some units of the law enforcement were overused; (c) Community police section could not be properly institutionalized; (d) Failure to properly tackle the gender base violence; (e) Lack of budgetary compliance; and (f) Limited cooperation with the organizations of civil society.

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Lucie Tondreau sentenced to over five years in federal prison

Here is something for the Haitian diaspora to think about. Former North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau was sentenced this Tuesday in Miami to spend five years and five months in federal prison. The 55 year old Haitian-Amercican Lucie Tondreau was convicted of conspiracy and wire fraud charges back in December 2014.

The Former Mayor will likely spend quite a number of years thinking about this. Following her prison time, Tondreau will also be required to serve three years of supervised release. She was also ordered to pay restitution of which the actual amount has not yet been determined.

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Judge Sonel Jean-Francois under pressure to release Sonson LaFamlia

There is a new article just released by Miami Herald that shows that there is a machine in place to get Woodly Etheart, alias Sonson Lafamilia out of prison. But so far, the y have been unsuccessful due to the commitment of investigative Judge Sonel Jean-Francois.

According to the article, the judge is asking that the leader of Gang Galil stand trial for the kidnapping of of Haitian businessman Sami El Azzi as well as the 15 other individuals between 2008 and 2014. The article revealed that Gang Galil collected over $1.5 million in ransom during that time. Judge Sonel Jean-Francois pointed out Woodly Etheart and accomplice Renel Nelfort to be the intellectual authors of gang Galil

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Eric Jean Baptiste, Pere Etenel Loto, shot, in critical condition

We just learned that Eric Jean Baptiste who is the owner of Pere Etenel Loto has just been shot in Port-au-Prince. He is currently in the hospital where the doctors are attempting to save his life

Update: 3.17.15 (12:15):
We learned that the gunshot was self inflicted and an accident. According to family members, he was cleaning his own gun at home and did not realize there was another bullet left inside the gun. We also learned that he is no longer in danger and expected to survive this accident.


Eric Jean Baptiste , Pere Etenel Loto , recevwa bal. Li nan yon kondisyon ki kritik

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Attempted kidnapping of Monseigneur Pierre-Andre Pierre, Rector of UNDH

Bishop Pierre-André Pierre is lucky to be a free man today. On Saturday, March 14, 2015 a kidnapping attempt on him went unsuccessful as the Haitian Police managed to free him. He is the current Rector of Université Notre-Dame d'Haiti.

Bishop Pierre-André Pierre was born in 1952 in Arcahaie. He was appointed Chaplain of His Holiness by Pope John Paul II in 2004 and in February 6, 2009, Bishop Pierre-André PIERRE was elected "Recteur of Notre Dame University of Haiti (UNDH) by the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Haiti.


Yo manke Kidnape Monseigneur Pierre- Andre Pierre , Rector nan UNDH

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Court confirmed Osner Fevry Junior committed suicide

In regard to the death of Osner Fevry Junior, the Haitian court has spoken. The son of Haitian attorney Osner Fevry has committed suicide.

The judgement from the court support the original finding by the Police that Osner Fevry Junior (Nico) committed suicide on July 1, 2014.

In the meantime, Mr. Fevry continues to reject the conclusion that his son killed himself

On July 1, 2014, the son of Attorney osner Fevry, Osner Fevry Junior (Nico) , who was 34 years old, was found dead in an area in Kenskoff, close to his house. Haitian Plice had concluded that Osner Fevry Junior had committed suicide. A gun found near was confirmed that the gun belongs to the deceased.

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Did the revelations of Oriel Jean help or hurt Jean Dominique Case?

The revelations made by Oriel Jean on the assassination of Jean Dominique was shocking. There were many damaging revelations made by the deceased that are supposed to bring some lights into the case and eventually bring justice to Jean Dominique case. However, that is not the case. The decision of Guyler C. Delva to release the tape of the interview on this day, and under these circumstances left many with unanswered questions.

Oriel Jean who was the security chief for President Jean Bertrand Aristide from from 2001 to 2003 was assassinate by armed individuals on Monday, March 2nd, 2015 in Delmas. He is an ex convicted from US prison. Oriel was convicted to spend 30 years in US prison but managed to spend only three years after some inside deals with the US government.

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