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Woodly Etheard "Sonson Lafamilia", suspect in Samy Azzi kidnapping

A close friend of President Michel Martelly has been arrested as he was implicated in the kidnapping of an important businessman.

According to Radio Lakansyel, Woodly Ethéard also known as "Sonson Lafamilia" has been arrested for his implication in the kidnapping of businessman Samy Azzi.

The report indicated that the kidnapping of businessman Samy Azzi took place on February 17, 2014 by a gang led by Woodly Ethéard alias Sonson Lafamilia

Also our source has reported that the vehicle used to carry out the kidnapping was that of Interior Ministry.

Mezanmi, Kote nou ye nan Payi sa! Konyè-a se machinn Leta minm kape kidnappe moun. Epi, Avantaj ke machinnn leta ginyin, lè ke yape fè kidnapping, vit yo fime et yo ka mete sirenn.

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Massacre La Scierie, St-Marc

In February of 2004, a massacre took place in St. Marc. This is how Judge Jules has described the event that occurred that day, initiated by the extremist group Balé Wouzé. For 20 years, a controversy has raged as to who the culprits were, and whether or not carnage wreaked that day on St. Marc citizens was an armed conflict to commit genocide or a massacre. A victim toll of 44 fatalities was reported after the investigation concluded.

Judge Jules found not enough forensic evidence existed to validate the theory of an armed conflict, particularly because ". . . there were not victims on both sides . . ." Jules did find enough legal ground on which to convict ex-Prime Minister Yvon Neptune and Jocelerme Privert and Calixte Delatour, Lavalas Interior Justices.

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Haiti National Police, 1058 new officers, including 111 women

The National Police of Haiti (NPH) are fulfilling the mandate of the government of Haiti's Development Plan of 2012-2016 NPH. It has graduated the first class of police cadets, a total of 1,058, 111 of them female.

The new graduates went through a strenuous program, logging in 507 hours on the topics of police science and human rights under international law, as well as 538 hours of training in traffic management, self-defense techniques, first aid, and weapons use. The program ran nine months.

Since the NPH training program began in 1995, it is only the second instance that such a large graduating class has been prepared in such a brief span of time. It is also the largest number of female cadets graduated, 10% of total enrollment. Godson Orélus, NPH Director General, wants that the numbers of female cadets be increased significantly in each succeeding class.

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Team Lobey artist O-Gun shot in the face

We received information that artist O-Gun of the popular music band Team Lobey was shot in the face. The incident took place as he was leaving his studio on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 in Port-au-Prince.

Team Lobey, a major player in Haitian Kanaval for the past several years may have to take it easy this year.

Team Lobey artist, O-Gun was shot as he was returning home. According to his Producer Ti Hantz, he's going to be ok

Hopefully, this was a minor injury to artist O-Gu and that Team Lobey will be able to perform in the 2014 Haiti National Kanaval in Gonaives

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Interview with Michele Montas on Jean Dominique

Here is the wife of Jean Dominique, Michèle Montas who gave a video interview to Radio Caraibes. She was in her car in in front of Radio Haiti Inter as the assassination took place.

Michèle Montas started working with her husband Jean Dominique in Haiti in the early 1970s.

Several attempts were mad on Radio Haiti-Inter in the 1980s and 1990s. Both Jean Dominique and Michèle Montas Dominique went on exile several times and in April 2000, Jean Dominique was assassinated

The Radio Station Radio Haiti Inter was finally closed for good by Michèle Montas in February 2003 who left the country to live in New York City

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Did Aristide ordered Jean Dominique's Assassination?

Breaking news. According to Radio, former President Jean Bertrand Aristide had ordered the assassination of Jean Dominique. On January 17, 2014, a judge concluded that a total of nine people are implicated in the assassination of radio journalist Jean Dominique, including many close associates of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Former Senator Mirlande Libérus Pavert, former head of the Aristide Foundation for Democracy; also very close to Jean-Bertrand Aristide, is considered the intellectual author of the assassination.

Jean Dominique was assassinated because he was "Presidentiable". He needs to be reduced to silence

Mesanmi, Kote nou Ye?

Former Senator Mirlande Libérus Pavert is seating right in the middle of a burning fire as she is now considered the intellectual author of the assassination.

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Transparency International found corruption in Haiti to decrease

So many moons have passed in the Caribbean nation of Haiti where it was governed by the hands and hearts of corrupt leaders, that a break from the norm sometimes seemed an unattainable dream. Recently, however, a small beam of light has been shed in this dark corner, elucidated by a ranking of the country's corruption rate by Transparency International.

Just since last year, Haiti's prospects have looked up with their ranking in the corruption index published by the organization being two places less than what it was in 2012. Out of 177 ranked countries, Haiti now holds 163rd place, a jump which looks even more propitious when one considers that Haiti has moved up 10 whole places in the last two years from their 2011 spot at 175th. The new position means that Haiti has, at last, ascended from the list of the five most corruption nations.

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At least 9 Moto-taxi drivers killed by gang in Thomazeau

How could you imagine that Taxi Drivers in Haiti could become the target of crime. Police in Haiti, with the support of the the U.N. force is currently is conducting an investigation in this matter. Haitian Police has revealed that so far the body of nine drivers based on a lead from a 20 year old suspect.

How did these crime take place?

Based on the Police investigating team, the gang members would lure their victims in a remote area close to the city of Thomazeau and kill them by strangulation or using machetes. A total of three suspects are currently in custody as the search continues to determine is there have been more victims.

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Community Policing begins in Delmas Neighborhood

The Haitian National Police (HNP) was established in 1995, and since then has developed a reputation for brutality and class bias. Delmas, a Port-au-Prince neighborhood, is an example of police brutality residents complain about. One of the places where tent cities still house 2010 earthquake survivors, local police earlier this year clubbed two men, causing the death of one, in an encampment.

In response to the growing problem of police mistrust by Haitians, the U.S. State Department has initiated a community policing program. The goal is to engender trust between the community and police. The reason is to raise the apprehension rate and decrease crime.

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Tonton Macoutes Duvalier's Fiendish Legacy

When Francois Duvalier assumed the presidency of Haiti in 1957, he instituted a brutal secret police, Tonton Macoutes. The term translates to Uncle Gunnysack in English, based on a children's fairytale, in which the ogre would kidnap disobedient children and devour them. Duvalier co-opted the name and used the secret police to control and terrify people.

Tonton Macoutes spread fear among Haitians, kidnapping them sometimes in the dead of night. Or by day, lynching their burned bodies, leaving them to molder away under the hot sun. The smallest perceived infraction against Duvalier brought on the evil wrath of Tonton Macoutes.

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