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The criminal trial of famous Clifford Brandt has began

There is no guarantee that the trial of Clifford Brandt will ever end, or we will know the entire story, or all the other actors involved will be known; however the process has in deed started. He was arrested for the abduction and kidnapping of two children of the Moscosso family over three years ago. Finally, the trial of Clifford Brandt is scheduled to start today (January 28, 2016). His trial will be without a jury.

What do you expect fro this trial?

Haitian Kreyol:

Jijman kriminèl ki pi popilè an Clifford Brandt aper kòmanse

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Program Director at Radio Vision 2000 robbed and sexually assaulted

We learned that the the Programming Director at Radio vision 2000 was the victim of robbery and sexual assault yesterday. Early on Monday, an unidentified person broke into her home and rapped her. That person also waled out with her telephone, laptop and Ipod. Source:

Sexual Abuse is every one's problem!

Haitian Kreyol:

Yo vòlè Direktè Pwogram nan Radyo Vizyon 2000, plis fè li abi sèksuèl

Nou te aprann ke Direktè Pwogram nan Radyo Vizyon 2000 te viktim vòl ak atak seksyèl yè. Bonè nan Lendi, yon moun ki pa idantifye te kaze kay li. Moun sa te profite abize li sèksuèlman epi soti ale ak telefòn li, konpitè pòtatif ak Ipod. Sous:

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Bandit on motorcycle killed inspector Daniel Pierre in Delmas 31

I hate to say this but Haiti, Port-au-Prince in particular is not one of the safest places to be in at the end of the year. I will be even be more specific, the Demas area is a death trap and for the past few weeks, is has been at the center of most of the assassinations. The latest victim is a Police Officer. We learned that a bandit on motorcycle just killed inspector Daniel Pierre of the Judiciary Police (DCPJ) in Delmas 31.

Haitian kreyol:

ansasen sou motosiklèt touye enspektè Danyèl Pierre nan Delmas 31

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Look at one of the kidnappers attending Lencie Mirville funeral

This is a classical case audacity. What you are looking at (the face circled in red) is the actual picture of one of the people responsible for the kidnapping, torture and death of young student Lencie Mirville present at her funeral.

Desir Jebson AKA Sonsonn was in the funeral of Lencie Mirville in support to the family. Some say that at one point he was also crying for the tragic death of the child for which he was one of the principals actors. He then went to the home of the family and even ate with them.

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Testimony of one of the kidnappers of Lencie Mirville, VIDEO

Here is the video of one of the criminals involved in one of the most despicable crimes in Haiti this year, the kidnapping, torturing and eventual killing of this young student, Lencie Mirville. The four main actors are: 1- Guerrier Jean Franck, 2- Bartelmy Edison, 3- Desir Jebson dit Sonsonn, 4- Geraldy B. William.

VIDEO - Listen to Sonson, one of the kidnappers of Lencie Mirville


Desir Jebson also known as Sonsonn is the one seeing here in the video. he was a trusted person for the family of Lencie Mirville. He was the mechanic of the father who is a pastor. According to report, he was so trusted that he was involved in the negotiation for the release of the child. Ironically, sonson was the one who received the ransom directly from the family to take to the kidnappers. I assume that he did not have to go a long way since he was himself one of the kidnappers

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Three of Lencie Mirville's killers arrested, one still at large

Agents of Haiti National Police arrested three individuals believed to be involved in the kidnapping, torturing and killing of Haitian student Lencie Mirville. This success story was a result of good Police work following a Police operation conducted on December 19 in the area of Carrefour. According PNH, the individuals involved in the crime on Lencie Mirville were not not strangers. Here are the names:

Guerrier Jean Francky,
Barthelmy Edison,
Geraldy B. William
Desir Jebson AKA Sonsonn.

It was reported that Sonson has been identified as the mechanic for the pastor, father of the victim. Another one is a former Police Officer. There is also a forth individual involved in the crime who is still at large. Police is actively looking for that fourth suspect.

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Venezuela and Haiti, most corrupt countries in America

Who said that lately in every report compiled, Haiti has to come last in everything? This is not the case with corruption. According to a report released by News Americas Now, Haiti is sharing the lead with Venezuela as the most corrupt countries in South America and the Caribbean, based on a Transparency International report Index. The report was based on public perception of corruption in the public as well as in the private sector.

MUSIC VIDEO: Vye fre fo w pa dekouraje si lavi ap pran kout pye by Les Freres Parent

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Yo touye yon jen fi ayisyen apre li te kidnape ak totire

Yon fwa ou kidnape an Ayiti, ou pa gen okenn garanti ke ou pral vin soti vivan, menm si ou kapab peye ranson. Malerezman, sa a se ka yon ti fi ayisyen, 23 ane, Lencie Mirville, ki te kidnape, tòtire, epi finalman touye malgre yon ranson de $ 50,000 fanmi li te bay kidnapè yo. Lencie Mirville te kidnape alantou 5:00 PM, 3 Desanm dènye, tou pre legliz li. Kidnapè yo te mande $ 150,000 US pou yo lage l '. Apre negosyasyon, fanmi an te kapab vini ak $ 50,000 US, ke yo ranmase nan men zanmi ak fanmi, epi bay li a kidnapè yo nan Lendi swa. Malgre tout efò sa yo nan men fanmi l ', an Madi, 8 Desanm, yo te jwenn Lencie Mirville nan zòn Morne Caradeau nan Route de L'Amitie nan Jakmèl, tòtire anvan li te mouri.

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Ladwan nan Thomassique brule Apre ajan tire 2 chofe kamyon

Nou te aprann ke Samdi pase (5 desanm) ajan Ladwàn nan vil fwontyè a Thomassique ouvèr zam sou de chofè kamyon ke yo te sispèk te ap travèse fwontyè a nan teritwa ayisyen Avèk kèk machandiz ki pa te enspekte. Youn chofè, Déribert Nelson te frape nan li te mouri imedyatman. Yo te jwenn Lòt chofè a, Jean François Pierre, pita ki te mouri tou.

Rezidan yo te fache pou itilizasyon gwo zam sa yo, te pran lari pou te pwotèste kont sa. Yo mete barikad, boule kawotchou ak mete dife nan Ladwàn Thomassique

Ki sa ou panse?

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Yo tire Kandida Cesaire Cheristin Ferdinand a mo nan Petion-Ville

Kandida a pou Depite nan Sainte-Suzanne ki nan Nord Est Depatman te mouri apre li te frape pa yon bal nan yon lokalite ki rele Well-Blam nan Petion-Ville jodi 7 desanm 2015. Li te gen 32 ane. Césaire Cheristin Ferdinand ki te yon Ansyen pèsonalite Radyo, yo te konnen li pi bye kòm Mass Design. Li te travay pou Planet Kreyol and Scoop FM. Li te ap kouri pou depite nan Sainte-Suzanne anba banyè OPL.


Candidate Cesaire Cheristin Ferdinand shot dead in Petion-Ville

The candidate for Deputy of Sainte-Suzanne in the Nord Est Department is dead after he was hit by a bullet in the locality of Well-Blam in Petion-Ville on December 7, 2015. The Former Radio personality who is better known as Mass Design was 32 years old.

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