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Yo arete Ofisyel FIFA nan vole $750,000 pou tranbleman te Ayiti

Nouvo akizasyon te pibliye pa depatman Jistis nan Etazini nan yon kolaborasyon ak lapolis Swis. Kèk ofisyèl FIFA tankou Ansyen FIFA egzekitif Jack Warner, Jeffrey Webb, Alfredo Hawit ak Juan Angel Napout yo akize yo pou dwèt longue Siperyè. Moun sa yo akize pou vòlè $ 750,000 dedye pou moun ki te viktim tranbleman tè Ayiti an.

Jack Warner detounen $750,000 ke FIFA ak foutbòl Asosyasyon Koreyen te bay pou viktim yo. Pandan ke yo deja arete Alfredo Hawit ak Juan Angel NapoutSe Aranjman, yo ape travay pou ekstradisyon Jack Warner soti nan Trinidad pou Etazini.

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Three Syrians from Haiti arrested in St Maarten with false Greek passports

Three Syrians who arrived in the island of St Maarten last Saturday with fake Greek passports were arrested there. The three men arrived aboard an Insel Air flight from Haiti. Police is currently investigating to determine whether or not this three Syrians nationals are connected to the terrorist bombing in France.

The police of Phillipsburg, St Maarten, arrested these three men, believed to be nationals of Syria, who tried to enter the country on Saturday, November 14th, using false Greek Passports. They arrived at the Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) around 7:30 pm on the flight 7I Insel Air 534 that departed Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince at 6:56 p.m. The suspects were remanded in custody for further investigation. Some sources suggest that, they landed on the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Maarten with apparent plans to sneak into the United States. Earlier, their travel itinerary as per their seized documents was: Tour initiated from Europe then stopped at Brazil, then the Dominican Republic and Haiti before arriving on St Maarten. However, authorities have said that their ultimate destination is still unclear. Investigation is continuing to determine their identities and how they obtained the fake documents.

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Jamaica Constabulary Force in Haiti to Fight guns-for-drugs Trade

As per news report dated September 18, 2015, as part of a plan to boost collaboration between the two countries, and reduce the number of illegal guns and ammunition possessed by the criminals under an aggressive "Get-the-Guns" campaign, a group of Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF) members would be stationed in Haiti. The joint force, with a deeper tie between the JCF and Haitian police, will work together to disrupt and shrink the illicit drugs for guns trades within the countries. The operation will include more numbers of police presences on the roads, island-wide search, exchange of information and seizure operations, increasing the monitoring of coastlines, and greater use of police intelligence resources. Incentives will be provided to the police personnel and the police stations involved with the credits of seizures.

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Haiti Borders, Aerial Surveillance, Land & Sea, Managed By Israeli Firm

On Saturday, October 24, 2015, an agreement on strengthening and modernizing the border policing management, focusing on the infrastructural and enhancing manpower capacity, has been signed between Haiti and Israeli firm HLSI, in the presence of several Haitian Ministers and officials. The agreement would include massive border surveillance for land, air and sea. The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by Laleau Wilson, the defacto Haitian Minister of Economy on behalf of the Haitian government and Ms. Eva Peled, the Vice-President of HSLI, a former lieutenant in the Israeli air force and CEO of Geomine & Vice-President of Mitrelli Group. In addition to that, the agreement will modernize the custom posts to check the recurring revenue losses on the border. It has been learnt that Mitrelli Group has some connection to Clinton Foundation because along with Eytan M. Stibbe Capital Fund and Luminar Finance, the company had provided a donation of $24,800,000 (in 2009) to Clinton Global Initiative in Adama, Angola. Some critics are of opinion that the donation has favored this $50 million contract in Haiti to HLSI through the Clinton's puppet Martelly administration. Furthermore, the Mitrelli Group has also interest in mining business which has abundant unexplored opportunities in Haiti.

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Over 30 dead as a result of Cite Soley Violence

It has been reported that more than thirty people have died in Cite Soleil between last Friday and Sunday as a result of violence. Some people reported major intervention by the special force BOID at Wharf de Jérémie, specially in "Belekou", "Boston" and "Fort-Dimanche".

The actual reason for the violence in Cite Soleil is still unclear. While some people informed us that it is the result of a clash between two rival gangs in Drouillard districts Bois Neuf, others think it is politically connected. Some think that the current level of insecurity and crime in Cite Soleil has everything to do with the upcoming election scheduled for October 18, which is in less than a week. A former Deputy in the region accused the PNH for the violence, stating that this was done in preparation to a visit by President Michel Martelly over the weekend

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Children's home director Roberta Edwards killed in Haiti

It is with sadness that we learned the death of Roberta Edwards while in Haiti. Another case of eliminating those who are trying to help. She became victim in a shooting on Saturday night in Port-au-Prince while going to get gasoline.

Roberta Edwards, a US missionary and the director of SonLight Children's Home in the Haitian capital who dedicated her life to bringing hope to the hopeless, was gunned down while driving through Port-au-Prince. As an administrator of SonLight Ministries Children's Home in Port-au-Prince, she used to provide care for 20 orphaned children and feed around 160 children at least twice a day, five days in a week and educational supports for them. Furthermore, Edwards was involved in multiple development projects in Haiti including programs under the U.S sponsored "Healing Hands". Her husband, a Haitian left her in 2000, five years after shifting to Haiti from North Carolina, and she built the ministry from the rubble of her collapsed marriage. The sad incident occurred in the street of Croix-des-Bouquets district, near her home on Saturday night (October 10th, 2015) when her car was stopped by another vehicle which intentionally blocked her path. Two gunmen opened fire on Edwards and dragged one of the three boys traveling with her and fled. The two other boys were able to escape and ran for help. The motives behind the murder and kidnap are still unknown.

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North Miami Principal, Jean Coty Ridore, Arrested for bribery

The Haitian American School Principal who has been in charge of the North Miami Adult Education Center since July 2005 was arrested on On Monday, October 5, 2015 hiring employees and then demanding illegal kickback.

His arrest came after authorities say Ridore took $1,000 in cash to hire a man, then demanded illegal kickbacks from him. What the Haitian Principal did not know was that the man he hired was actually an undercover from Miami police detective unit who was secretly recording their conversations.

According to authorities, this is not something that happened for the first time. Investigators uncovered several similar cases where School Principal Ridore had been taking advantage of his position to make illegal gains. They also discovered two ex-employees received more than $14,000 for work they did not do

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Former National Police Chief in Haiti, Jean Nesly Lucien Shot

On Wednesday, August 26th afternoon, the former Director General of the National Police of Haiti, Jean Nesly Lucien became the victim of an assassination attempt when he was shot by three unknown armed motorcyclists in Tabarre, near the residence of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide. The former Chief of National Police had received two bullets, one in the shoulder and one at the foot and was taken to the hospital for treatment. During the attempt, he was accompanying retired Boston police detective Yves Dambreville, who could not survive his bullet injuries, died on the spot. The police is still investing the cause of the attack.

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How safe is it for a Haitian Diaspora to retire in Haiti?

As we may all know already, Yves Dambreville who spent 33 years with Boston Police was gunned down in Haiti in Haiti and killed. Like many Haitians diaspora, few years ago he probably was counting days before retirement, planning on how he wanted to his time. One of the many options he considered was to return back home and provide his knowledge to his beloved country of Haiti. However, that was not to be. A member of the very group in the society that could have benefited from all that experience, commitment, etc. has decided to put an end to his life.

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Gang of La Saline at Croix des Bossales Market

On July 11, 2015, under a day with clouded sky, the National Police of Haiti (PNH), with supports of MINUSTAH conducted a three-hour long operation in the slum of La Saline, outside the Haitian capital and has arrested 113 suspected gang members, including three seriously sought, of a criminal network that used to sow daily terror and extort money from the merchants and commuters around the Croix des Bossales market. The criminals used to perpetrate their crimes in Saint Joseph portal neighborhoods, La Saline and Fort Touron in particular. One of the arrested is an individual known as Pirame Felix, alias "Touhou", the most dangerous principal leader of this gang. The operation involved 7 specialized units of the PNH or 438 police officers and 117 elements of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

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