Self-Driving Autos to Increase Economic Growth

Google had a chance to show off its self-driving car when Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe paid a visit to the Mountain View tech company in November. Google is one of three companies to have developed the technology for self-automated (SA) vehicles, along with Tesla and Nissan. Google, first one out the starting gate, has a fleet of self-automated models that are still in the testing phase. The autos have registered hundreds of thousands of test miles with no technical malfunctions.


In the planning stages of designing a SA auto, Tesla will build one to perform 90% of all driving duties. They are expected to offer the first model in three years. Nissan's goal is to develop their SA technology to offer consumers affordable SA autos by 2020.

What are the benefits of owning a SA vehicle? One of the primary reasons is reduction in traffic accidents; the other is the ability to let the SA vehicle do your errands for you. To give an example, if you plan to go shopping, it can be done remotely, via your mobile phone and SA vehicle. Using an app, you can place your order, send the SA vehicle to its destination, have the license scanned, the order downloaded, items picked up and loaded into the trunk. Your SA vehicle returns and parks itself, wherever you are. With time freed up for leisure activities, quality of life will improve.

Economists predict SA vehicles will propel economic growth for years to come.

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