Solutions for Deforestation Blocked by Government Incompetence

The island of Haiti was once blanketed by forests. Foreign countries, though, raped the land over many decades. During the era after America was founded, forests had decreased 5%, and during the French occupation, they declined another 45%. By 1956, only 20% remained. By the end of the 1980s, the percentage dropped to 2% left of forested terrain.


Zile Ayiti te yon fwa rekouvèr pa forè. Peyi etranje yo, fe kadejak sou peyi a pandan plizie deseni. Pandan epòk apre Amerik te fonde, forè te diminye 5%, ak pandan okipasyon Franse, yo te diminye yon lòt 45%. Le ou rive nan 1956, sèlman 20% rete. Rive nan fen 1980 yo, pousantaj la tonbe nan 2% kite nan tèren forè.

Causes are many as to why disappearance of forests have proliferated in Haiti. The Spanish occupation robbed the island of quality wood, and France and the U.S. plundered forest cover also. In addition, large, poor Haitian families felled trees for sale for communities' fuel needs.

Kòz Yo anpil. Okipasyon Panyòl vòlè zile a bwa bon jan kalite, ak Lafrans ak Etazini piye kouvèti a forè tou. Anplis de sa, pòv fanmi Ayisyen koupe pyebwa pou vann pou Besyin gaz.

Finally, the Haiti government intervened to penalize ransacking of forestland. But they were not effective in stopping razing of forest cover. The government then partnered with the church and aid organizations to replenish the scarred land. Although they set up nurseries and planted seedlings, only a small percentage took root.

Finalman, gouvènman Ayiti entèveni pou penalize nenpòt moun kap koupe bwa. Men, yo pa t 'efikas nan kanpe degradasyon nan kouvèti forè. Gouvènman an Lè sa a, tèt-ansanm ak legliz ak òganizasyon èd nan ranplir peyi a. Malgre ke yo mete kanpe pepinyè ak plante plant, se sèlman yon ti pousantaj ki pran rasin

The reason behind this failure is widespread soil erosion. Approximately 15,000 acres of top soil sloughs off during the rainy season, which decreases farmland output, intensifies droughts, and causes desertification.

Echèk toupatou. Apeprè 15,000 kawo tè nan boubye tè tèt koupe pandan sezon lapli, ki diminye pwodiksyon tè agrikòl, kose sechrès, ak lakòz dezètifikasyon

During the 1980s, 25 million plus trees were planted, but a ratio of seven trees were felled for every one new tree. New energy sources are required to cut down on the need for wood and charcoal. A major reform effort by an aid organization was begun in 1999, but political upheaval and absence of funding have curtailed the effectiveness of this project.

Pandan ane 1980 la, 25 milyon dola pye bwa plis yo te plante, men yo te yon rapò nan sèt pye bwa koupe pou chak yon sèl pye bwa nouvo. Sous enèji New oblije koupe desann sou bezwen an pou bwa ak chabon. Yo te fè yon efò gwo refòm pa yon òganizasyon èd kòmanse an 1999, men yo te politik chanjman ak absans nan finansman restrenn efikasite nan pwojè sa a.

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Andre Mcbean says...

First we need education,
Second alternate energy such as gassification and get rid of the excess trash in the city. third strict enforcement of deforestation and last, a "Zipper's Tax" the more children you have the more tax you

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Eric Joseph says...

Kòz prensipal degradasyon anviwonman an Ayiti.

Avèk yon sektè elektrisite ki sèlman kouvri 10% nan popilasyon an, gin mank enèji

We are moving more and more toward our own extinction.

It already started with hurricane making more damages in Haiti than any other caribbean islands.

We now have floods regularly and those floods affect our agriculture and the capacity for us to feed

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Johnson Normil says...

The Haitian population need to be more environment conscious.

One way to control our environment is to control the number of children people have. We are producing people that we do not adequate resources

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Poula Nordon says...

The Haitian government is one of the obstacles of Haiti.

Look at countries around the world.

Usually the countries that are not progressing are often attributed to their government.

For example Haiti will never go anywhere sa long as we have a government that is elected not to served but to be served.

Corruption ..

you name

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