Overweight Haitian woman, Dominique Lanoise, transported by Dominican Air Force

Do you remember the 500 pounds Haitian woman that the airline refused to flight to Miami because of her weight? Six Months later, the Dominican Air Force has come to her rescue.


We just learn that The Dominican Air Force will flight the Haitian woman of U.S. citizenship, Dominique Lanoise, to Miami as a humanitarian act.

Dominique Lanoise who is 40 years old, weighs almost 500 pounds and has been in the Dominican Republic for three months because all commercial lines so far have refused to fly her to Miami. Lanoise traveled from Miami to Port-au-Prince after the January 12 earthquake to visit her relatives, but when she came to the country to return to the U.S. the airlines refused to sell her a ticket because of her weight.

Dominique Lanoise has been waiting to flight back to Miami for about 6 months. Many commercial airlines categorically refused to transport her due to her weight.

After delays and being denied travel by international airlines due to her weight issues, Lanoise will finally be transported back to Miami by a Dominican military flight early Thursday after one of her daughters died in Miami 15 days ago, local media reported.


Is is right for the commercial airlines to refuse to transport Dominique Lanoise because of weight problem?

Do you agree with this decision by the major airlines?

Do you think that the act of refusing to transport someone because of weight is discrimination?

If this is acceptable, then should people who weight less that 100 pounds flight for free?

Is it possible the next group refused to flight to be handicapped people, black, Hispanic.........?

What about safety? Is it safe to have all this weight concentrated in one section of the airline?

Your opinion counts.

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