Arnel Belizaire among 14 candidates eliminated by CEP

If nothing else, this decision will probably teach Haitian candidates a lesson. The CEP has announced that a total of 14 candidates have been eliminated for violence perpetrated during the last Haiti election of August 9, 2015.


13 candidates for Deputation and 1 candidate for Senate are out and no longer able to participate in Haiti election. The list which is provisional includes:
- Four candidates from PHTK
- Two candidates from Platform Verite
- One candidate from Fanmi Lavalas
- One candidate from Fusion

Complete List of candidates removed by CEP :

FRANCOIS Tony Antonelly Claude, candidate for deputy / Port-de-Paix PHTK

DORLEUS Gergot, candidate for deputy / Savanette (Centre), RENMEN AYITl

MOISE Frantz, candidate for deputy / Marigot (Sud-Est), ADRENA

LUBIN Jean-Claude, candidate for deputy / Mirebalais ( Centre) PITIT DESSALINES

DESGROTES Jean Franchi, candidate for deputy / Mirebalais (Centre) VERITE

DORELIEN Fantal, candidate for deputy / Mirebalais ( Centre) FANMI LAVALAS

JEAN-PIERRE Jephté, candidate for deputy / Chardonnière / les Anglais, FUSION

BELIZAIRE Arnel, Senate candidate / West Department, APLA

PREVILON Lionel, candidate for deputy / Desdunes (Artibonite), PHTK

ALTENOR John, candidate for deputy / Grande Saline (Artibonite), AAA

FREDERIC Ozite, candidate for deputy / Grande Saline PHTK

DESHOMMES Wilbert Joseph, candidat à la députation / Grande Saline (Rossignol) Artibonite, VERITE

GAMANIEL Placius, candidate for deputy / Grande Saline (Artibonite) KID

ROMULUS Marc Faublas, candidate for deputy / Saut d'eau (Centre) PHTK

These candidates have been accused for things such as rampage in voting centers, violation of the voting bulletin near the voting centers

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Renold Pierre says...

One thing I did not understand in all that is that no candidates from the Violent Political party BOUCLIER was in this list. The CEP, Opont, has all the information about the violence in that election of August 9. he is hiding behind some candidates to show that he has done something.

if Opont does not put some of the candidates of BOUCLIER he knows for a fact has been committing violence, we will not accept it.

Eventually, Opont will have to go. he so far shows that he is uncapable of conducting a good election in

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Subject: Arnel Belizaire among 14 candidates eliminated by CEP edit

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