Andre Michel's supporters broke into courtroom

It could be likened to a scene from a movie; a tense courthouse office, one aggrieved lawyer facing off against what he describes as government corruption. Then, incensed supporters of the lawyer break in past security guards of the association and past immobilized policemen, to whisk their champion away in a black SUV with tinted windows. Here, the drama gives way as no car chase ensues. Instead, the mite of the police is strangled by the law that protects vehicles bearing official license plates from being stopped.


Such was the drama of the Andre Michel story. About to be sent, by the judge at the aforementioned proceedings, to the state penitentiary, Michel's rescuers, including the legislator Arnel Belizaire, came down upon the proceedings and whisked him away. The government has since made its disapprobation with the taking of Michel known, but various factions are questioning the validity of the entire affair.

Stating recently that, having seen the record of Michel's arrest, National Human Rights Defense Network assistant director, Marie Yolene Gilles says he was originally arrested for a minor traffic offense. Still, prosecutors remain mum on why Mr. Michel was placed under arrest.

The dubious circumstances surrounding the arrest and 'mock' trial have caused many to wonder whether Michel's true crime was not a willingness to fight cases that shed a bad light on the ruling administration. It is the reason why scores of people have taken to the streets in support of him, demanding his freedom and, in this instance, taking it.

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