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Little Haiti, the next prominent neighborhood for art and real estate

An advise to all Haitians owning a property in the Little Haiti area in Miami, do not sell. There is a chance that your current property in Little Haiti will value much more in just a few years. According to the New York Times, signs of Little Haiti's impending transformation are everywhere. As the real estate market is exploding in Wynwood, the next neighborhood the artists are moving in for art and real estate is Little Haiti. In just a few years, rent has tripled in price in the Wynwood area. As the artists are being priced out, many have turned to Little Haiti. One particular point is that the artists are more interested in buying properties than renting. As Art Basel is scheduled for December, you can expect to see lots of activities in the Little Haiti neighborhood.

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African Diaspora Haitian Artists to Show at Art Basel Exhibition

The Republic of Haiti General Consul in Miami, François Guillaume II, made a public announcement numerous Haitian artists will show their work at the Annual Art Basel Miami Exhibition. Art Basel is an anticipated event, attracting many thousands of art lovers from all over the world. It is hailed as a major cultural sampling of 100-plus art galleries, representing the Caribbean, North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Art Basel is 40 years old, but until now has not been displaying artworks from the African Diaspora. That is changing this year with the Caribbean Fantastic exhibition happening at the Multitudes Contemporary Art Gallery. Babacar Mbow, MCAG'S owner and curator, is especially qualified to gather and showcase African Diaspora art. This year Caribbean Fantastic will highlight artwork from Haiti, home to the African Diaspora and the first black-led republic in the world.

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